Particle For Men Review

What Is Particle For Men?

Particle For Men

According to research, a good skincare routine can result in better aging, making you look younger. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look younger?

But the fact is that most skincare products are for women. Even though more and more men are conscious about taking care of their skin.

Particle For Men is a skincare brand that makes it easier for men to care for their skin. The company has everything you need, from face creams to beard oils, to have the best version of yourself. 

In this article, we’ll dig into Particle For Men to have a better understanding of the brand, determine its pros and cons, and get to know the ingredients they use to promote good hair and skin. 

How Does Particle For Men Work?

Particle for men can keep your skin clean, hydrated, and young looking. How it works depends on the product you decide to use. 

For example, their anti-aging cream is a great moisturizer that can keep the skin smooth and healthy. And, thanks to its ingredients (which we are going to talk about later in the article, this product can help diminish eye bags, reduce wrinkles, removes dark spots, soothes skin after shaving, and nourishes the skin with essential nutrients. 

Another of their great products is their bread oil. Particle Beard Oil, thanks to its combination of different oils, can help soften the beard, eliminate itching, and make it easier to style the beard. 

Besides having external products for hair and skin, it also offers essential nutrients to help improve hair and skin but from within. 

Particle has a line of skin vitamin gummies and hair vitamin gummies. 

The Particle Skin Vitamin Gummies can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve firmness, and boost the skin’s elasticity. 

On the other hand, The Particle Hair Vitamin Gummies can promote hair growth, prevents hair loss, and makes your hair thicker and lusher. 


  • Offers bundles to purchase all you need for skincare. 
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients. 
  • The company offers a subscription plan. 
  • Has a 30 day money back guarantee. 
  • Free US Shipping. 
  • Offers international shipping for $9. 


  • They have a high cost. 
  • You need to use more of the product than others. 
  • The product might run faster. 
  • Some options are not travel-size. 

Particle For Men Ingredients 

The ingredients vary depending on the purpose of the product. 

So, to have a better understanding of some of the products, let’s take a closer look at their ingredients to determine if they are as useful as they claim. 

The anti-aging cream has 12 different ingredients. The product has jojoba oil, vitamin E, allatoin, glycerin, squalane, coffee seed extract, lactic acid, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, shea butter, pentavitin, hyaluronic acid, and sym white. 

Evidence suggests that jojoba oil is a potent moisturizer. Once you apply it to your skin, it can help attract water, keeping the skin hydrated. 

In addition, jojoba oil is high in antioxidants, meaning it can help decrease the damage caused by free radicals. As a result, it leads to less inflammation on the skin, reducing redness and promoting younger-looking skin. 

Another important ingredient is vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin found in foods like nuts and seeds. Research shows that applying vitamin E to the skin can reduce the damage caused by UV light. 

The skin vitamin gummies are made of collagen, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E. 

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body. It seems that collagen can help improve skin elasticity, promote wound healing, and make the skin look more hydrated. 

Vitamin C plays an essential role in collagen synthesis. The fact that the vitamins have the powerful combination of collagen and vitamin C in one gummy can bring several skin benefits. In most supplements, you need to take them separately. 

The hair vitamin gummies have biotin, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin B12. 

A study showed that consuming biotin twice a day for 180 days resulted in improved hair volume and thickness in only 90 days. On the 180 day mark, it resulted in shinier hair, smoother skin, and more hydrated looking skin. 

According to research, it seems that zinc deficiency can help promote hair loss. But, while it seems likely that adding zinc to your diet can promote hair growth, more research is still needed to determine the link between zinc and hair growth. 

Finally, vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant, seems to have a positive effect not only on the skin but on hair. It seems that vitamin A can help regulate hair cycle, promoting greater hair growth. 

Health Benefits

There are several health benefits of using Particle For Men products. Here is a list of the primary health benefits you might notice. 

  • Improved skin. 
  • Reduced aging processes. 
  • Boosts collagen synthesis. 
  • Improved skin hydration. 
  • Stronger hair. 
  • Decreased hair loss. 

How To Use Particle For Men

How you use Particle For Men depends on the product you are using. Here, we’ll go over how to use each product with its recommended dosage according to the website. 

Particle For Men Dosage

  • Particle Face Cream: use a dime size dosage and apply to your entire face. 
  • Particle Hair Revival Cream: use a marble-size of cream and apply it to your scalp. 
  • Particle Scar Gel: apply a pea-sized amount on the scar. 
  • Particle Face Wash: pump a handful of foam, apply it to your face, and wash. 
  • Particle Face Mask: apply a thick layer on the skin, leave 10 minutes, and wash. 
  • Particle Beard Oil: apply 3-4 drops of oil on your beard. 
  • Particle Hair Shampoo: apply some shampoo to your hair, and rinse. 
  • Particle Body Wash: apply the needed amount to a loofah or onto your skin. 
  • Particle Hair Vitamin Gummies: take 1-2 gummies per day. 
  • Particle Skin Vitamin Gummies: take 1-2 gummies per day. 
  • Particle Neck Cream: apply a dime-size amount onto your neck. 

Particle For Men Side Effects

It is highly unlikely you can get a side effect from using any of the Particle For Men products. However, it is possible. 

The primary side effects you might experience are redness, itchy skin, sores, ulcers, flaking, or swelling. 

If you notice any side effects, make sure to stop using the product and consult with a healthcare provider. 

Particle For Men Reviews 2023: What Do Customers Think?

Overall, Particle For Men has positive reviews. According to the reviews on the website, it has a 4.8-star rating out of 5, with more than 4,000 reviews. 

What are some positive reviews people left on the website?

  • It makes the skin look younger.
  • It has a nice smell. 
  • People notice fewer wrinkles. 

Regarding the negative reviews, the most common comment is that they didn’t notice any changes when using the products. 

Keep in mind that this is always possible. Products or supplements don’t have the same effect on people. So, while it might work for some, it might not work for others. 

Does Particle For Men Really Work?

Checking the ingredients used in each product and based on customer reviews, it’s likely that Particle For Men really works. It can promote better-looking skin. It can also help the skin have fewer wrinkles and look less hydrated. 

However, as mentioned before, some people might not experience any changes in their skin or hair. 

Is Particle For Men Worth It?

Particle For Men can provide you with a good skincare routine. Nonetheless, since you need to use more products than other products, it might end up being costly. 

With that said, there might be cheaper alternatives that also provide high-quality ingredients. 

Where to Buy?

You can buy Particle For Men through their website, or Amazon. 


How long does it take to see results from Particle For Men?

It can take 6-8 weeks before you notice any changes. Make sure to give it some time for the product to work. 

What is Particle For Men’s Shipping Policy?

The company offers free shipping on orders in the US. If you make an international order, it will cost $9. 

What is Particle For Men’s Returns Policy?

The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the product or don’t want to use it, you can ask for a refund as long as you purchase it through their website. 

How long does Particle For Men last?

It depends on how much you use. But, on average, the product might last 1-2 months. 

Does Particle For Men work on eye bags?

Yes, Particle For Men Face Cream can help improve eye bags.

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