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2016: The year of the lizard in a lab coat (2)

2016 was a huge year for Repositive! We raised £500K seed funding in January, we officially launched in September and, after indexing over 35 sources, became the largest portal for human genomic data in October!

One of the most iconic introductions to the Repositive world in 2016 was our blog. As we continue to wind down for the New Year, I have taken the opportunity to look back at 2016 and some of the biggest blog posts for the year!

PART TWO: July - December

August 4th 2016: Repositive Launches Consortium with AstraZeneca to Improve Oncology Research

Undoubtedly the biggest Press Release of 2016 was us announcing our PDX Consortium in collaboration with AstraZeneca. Being huge players in the pharma playground, announcing the development of a pre-competitive oncology resource with AstraZeneca caught many eyes, including Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck Group and Horizon Discovery, who all joined the consortium in December.

August 11th 2016: Repositive Hires Personal Genomics Pioneer Manuel Corpas as Scientific Lead

Being a pioneer in personal genomics, we had Manuel Corpas (aka Manny) in our sights for some time. I mean, how manny future Scientific Leads come with their own human genomic data source? (Did you see what I did there?.) With TGAC, EXLIXIR-UK, ISCB and DECIPHER all under his belt, we had to make a Press Release shouting about Manny joining the team and what his experience and connections would bring to us and of course our blog.

September 8th 2016: Having trouble finding Chinese genomic data?

Shortly after launching in September, we kicked-off a series of 'Data Collections' aimed at serving the research community with curated sets of related datasets. Chinese Control Data will forever be crowned as our first ever collection and with its release we symbolised our continued commitment to help our community find the data they want, however niche. This series would go on to include Microbiome, Methylation, Expression and Personal Genomes, all released in 2016.

October 21st 2016: Rethinking how we deal with data

In our pursuit for feedback on the Repositive platform, we reached out to several users to understand how they were using the platform. The story of Austin Tanney using Repositive with Analytics Engines software to find and analyse data in under 24hrs caught our imagination. Austin kindly wrote our first ever user guest blog post on his experiences and it clearly caught the imaginations of our readers, becoming one of our most popular blogs of 2016.

That concludes the very best blog posts from the last 6 months of 2016. We hope you enjoyed this recap and wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year.

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2016: The year of the lizard in a lab coat (1)

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