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23 Feb 2017: Inspiring the Next Generation the Stephen Perse Foundation

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Thursday 23rd February| "What's My Line" TALK

I am delighted to participate at the “What’s My Line” programme on Thursday 23rd of February at the Stephen Perse Foundation School, one of the best regarded independent schools in Cambridge.

stephen perse foundation

For this programme, year 8 students will be introduced to a series of professions by meeting leaders in their professions in a classroom environment, trying to find out what the leader does by asking a series of work-related questions. At the end of each session, I shall give an overview of what I do, how I got here and talk about the exciting aspects of my particular work at Repositive.

I will rotate through different classrooms and spend 15-20 minutes with each. The students will ask me questions to try and guess what I do. Once they have guessed, I then talk about my job, my background (qualifications, etc.), what I like most about your job, what makes it interesting and career progression.

I am very grateful to Catherine Hay and Michaela Eschbach from Form the Future C.I.C., for helping me inspire the new generation of pupils. Please follow the link below if you think you can also give back to the local community in Cambridge.

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Originally published on www.manuelcorpas.com

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