October 2016

7 Nov 2016: CRUK Repositive Workshop

Monday 7 November 2016 | 14:00 – 16:00

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge

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Researchers rely on acquiring external data to validate, benchmark and supplement research findings.

Funders require researchers to make their datasets accessible for further reuse.

The goal of this workshop is to bring to the fore existing challenges with genomic data access and reuse. We will introduce a number of tools and resources to simplify #dataaccess and #datasharing.


1) Discuss current challenges in data sharing, focusing especially on researchers studying human genomic datasets.

2) Present a number of tools and resources for finding, accessing and sharing genomic data:

Repositive EGA (European Genome Phenome Archive) dbGaP GigaScience Nature Scientific Data Figshare

3) Discuss the best practices for using data to power hypothesis testing and maximising research impact.

This workshop is NOT about:

Data interpretation Data analysis Tools for data analysis and interpretation


Genomic data providers Users of massive genomic datasets Bioinformaticians Data scientists Publishers Data curators

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