Posted by Nadia, March 2017

dbGaP asks for users' feedback

The database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) is one of NIH's central data sharing tools for human genomic data.

It provides two types of access - open and controlled - in order to allow broad release of non-sensitive data, while providing oversight and investigator accountability for sensitive data sets involving personal health information.

If you have any experience with dbGaP (i.e. submitting or accessing data), you can submit your feedback directly to this form or learn more about this initiative.

The feedback is accepted until 07 April 2017.

At Repositive, we do have some experience accessing data from dbGaP. It took Matt (a former member of our team) a couple of months and he summarised his experience of the entire application process from scratch in the following blog posts:

  1. Accessing dbGaP, a bureaucratic odyssey
  2. Accessing dbGaP, a bureaucratic odyssey - Part 2
  3. How to successfully apply for access to dbGaP

We appreciate the service that dbGaP provides and the work of the DACs and hope that the feedback we provided will assist in improving the experience of other dbGaP users.

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