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Meet Repositive's new Data Scientist - Steve Williams

Steve has an academic background, having studied biomedical science in Australia and Cambridge.

Functional Genomics

Steve’s passion for scientific research led him to undertake a Ph.D. at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, noting himself: “I love that we can now test every gene in one experiment to understand which ones are important in cancer”.

He also studied the growth of lymphatic vessels (which connect lymph nodes) which are known to be important for the spread of breast cancer. During his studies, Steve became aware that sharing genomics data would accelerate research, writing: “I knew there were other labs studying a similar topic, and I found that one had deposited microarray data online. This was exactly the data I needed to be able to support my findings.”

Steve then joined the Cancer Genome Project at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a Postdoctoral Fellow, with a desire to use CRISPR technology to perform large-scale, challenging projects to find the Achilles heel of colorectal cancer. As part of an international team, Steve carried out genetic screens and identified several novel drug combinations that could be effective in patients.

Data Scientist

Having generated and investigated large datasets, Steve has developed strong computational analysis skills, noting: “Ultimately I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in data analysis”. Steve is a strong supporter of encouraging data sharing, and will be helping to grow the data sources available through the Repositive platform. As he writes, “having been a lab scientist I understand how difficult it can be to find relevant genomics data, so I’m keen to make that process easier for others.”

Want to see the impact Steve's work is having? Explore our platform now. You can also follow Steve on Twitter.

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