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Meet Repositive's new Marketing Assistant - Daniel Jason Binks

Hi there! My name is Daniel, and I’m joining Repositive (very excitedly) this week as a Marketing Assistant. I believe I bring with me not only a wealth of experience in Marketing and PR-related roles, but also a wholehearted passion for branding and marketing, and in particular for building collaboration within the scientific community.

A little about me.

I consider myself to be an open-minded, inquisitive, and driven individual – a post-structural thinker if you would like. In the last four years, I have extensively studied social and cultural phenomena. I most recently finished a Master’s in Brands, Communication and Culture at Goldsmiths University, London. In particular, I became engaged with the topic of brand communities, and in exploring how brands may foster new ways of bringing people together.

Flashback to my teenage years, and you will see that early on I became a part of an online community for quite an alternative music band: the Russian pop-duo t.A.T.u.. As someone that considered himself a bit of a "misfit" (like many of us do!), this online platform offered me a space of inclusion where I was able to experience a new way of belonging, and a new way of thinking about and seeing the world.

Going on to organise fan meetings internationally, I saw and experienced firsthand how one brand could powerfully bring people together from different cultures to celebrate the same passion and values, but also had potential in overcoming barriers of diversity and exclusion.

Crossing borders.

Before working at Repositive, my dedicated studies have projected me into a career in branding, enabling me to work with social media and promotional projects internationally. I am fortunate to have been responsible for organising campaigns, engaging with collaborators to make these projects successful, and gaining experience in utilising social media and marketing tools. Most notably, perhaps, I ended up working with one of the t.A.T.u. “girls” herself in Hollywood!

You may well be wondering: "how does this fit into science and data?" Well, to draw on one of my favourite quotes:

“The link is more powerful than the thing” (Cova 2002).

I think this demonstrates wholeheartedly how it’s not so much about the subject in question, but more integrally about the emotional connection and values the brand can offer! So instead, we might consider how shared passions and interests - such as science and data - can be used as a form of communication – not only that of “spoken-word”, but in other spectacular ways.

Where I fit in Repositive.

My experience and education has given me a unique fitting with Repositive, where I hope to contribute to its brand voice and community goals. Like my own experience in the online music community, I see we offer a unique platform where people can come together and collaborate to reach great goals; we are indeed a frontier in offering an alternative way of thinking, and a new way of experiencing how we may work and live as professionals.

They say “The Only Way Is Essex” – but not for me! I was more than happy to relocate to Cambridge for this role. Being here has offered me a unique position where I’m not only in the heart of the scientific community - but in collaborative space of ambitious, characterful and forward-thinking individuals. Together, with our community, I believe we are smoothing the way for a new movement.

So, you can officially consider me a "Repositive Thinker" of the tallest order! I now have a full primary commitment to the brand, and to be strong part and parcel of its mission and its values. And with this I hope that our users will hear more from me, but also that I will hear more from you too.

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