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November 2016

Repositive Announce Launch of Microbiome Data Collection

New data launch expands Repositive’s Specialised Data Collection catalogue

Cambridge, 2 November 2016 ... Repositive, a software company developing novel tools to improve discovery and access to human genomic research data, has expanded its Specialised Data Collections, with the addition of microbiome data.

The human microbiome data, characterising the microorganisms present in or on the human body includes over 21,000 datasets from human metagenomic studies, from sources such as the Human Microbiome Project, dbGaP and GigaDB. The Repositive team have also characterised and included data from both known and lesser known sources, such as the microbiome data from the Personal Genome Project and personal genome collections like the data from Steven Keating and The Corpasome.

The addition of microbiome data significantly expands Repositive’s Specialised Data Collections, which also includes Chinese control data, methylation, expression and PDX data. The Specialised collections were created as part of Repositive’s ongoing mission to make data as easily discoverable and accessible as possible, and ensure that scientists can quickly access the data required for any genomic research project.

Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Repositive said:

“A better understanding of the microbiome could have a major impact on improving human health. In turn, this has resulted in a significant increase in the need for specialised data, as interest in this area and its applications has grown. Through ongoing communication with our growing community of users we were able to identify microbiome data as an area that would benefit from becoming one of our Specialised data collections.”

Repositive’s Specialised Data Collections will be expanded with a series of new datasets including Personal Genomics, and further datasets releases are planned for next year. All the specialised collections can be found and browsed via the free Repositive platform on

This latest news builds on a number of other key developments during 2016. The company has raised additional seed funding of £500,000, secured partnerships withAstraZeneca and Xpressomics, and won the Pistoia Alliance inaugural President’s Start Up Challenge. At the same time, the company has expanded its team, and launched an updated version of its free platform.

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