Press Release

October 2016

Repositive Announces Workshop Series

<br> ### Workshops will help researchers in finding more and better quality data<br> **Cambridge, 10 October 2016** ... Repositive, a software company developing novel tools to improve access to human genomic research data, has launched a series of workshops.

The Workshop Series, which will be run by Manuel Corpas, has been established to help researchers identify and use the best data available for their experiments, and the series will include workshops looking at specialized data collections including the recently launched Repositive Specialised collections: Chinese control data, and methylation. In addition to helping researchers find data, the series also looks at tools for analyzing and sharing genomic data. Workshop dates can be found at

The Workshop Series is part of the wider launch of the Repositive platform and the expansion of indexed datasets, which now exceeds 1,000,000. This includes Specialised data, such as the Chinese control data and methylation, which were both launched in September. All the Specialised collections can be found and browsed via the free Repositive platform on

<br> **Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Repositive said:** >“The Repositive platform is an excellent tool for helping researchers find the best data, but it can still be a challenge to find very specific datasets and utilise them effectively in research. Through these workshops we can help our community by sharing best practice in locating and using specialist datasets more effectively.” <br> This latest news builds on a number of other key developments during 2016. The company has [launched an upgraded platform](, [raised additional seed funding of £500,000](, [secured partnerships and with AstraZeneca]( and [Xpressomics]( and [won the Pistoia Alliance inaugural President’s Start Up Challenge]( <br> ####[See our latest workshops](<br>