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Posted by Repositive, January 2019

Repositive's Cancer Models Scout service

What is Repositive's Cancer Models Scout service?

Whether you're looking for a specific PDX model or cancer cell line or are after syngeneic mice or 3D organoids, our Cancer Models Scout service can find the best available model for your project via our world-leading inventory of preclinical cancer models and extended network of CRO/model providers.

We've slashed search times from two months to just a few weeks for biopharmas and have connected companies who didn’t know each other existed, all as part of our aim of enhancing and accelerating oncology research.

Submit your Cancer Models Scout request here

How it works

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  1. You let us know what your preclinical cancer model requirements are via a simple form. All requests are treated in the strictest confidence.
  2. The Repositive Team will get in touch to sign a non-disclosure agreement, find out more about your search criteria, and discuss timelines for the request.
  3. Repositive's experts will search our world-leading inventory of over 4,500 preclinical cancer models and partner network of model providers for a specific model that suits your needs, or will identify companies that have the capability and services to develop one.
  4. You’ll receive a list of suggested company profiles based on their fit for your request, you choose which one you want to contact and we’ll make the introductions.

Interested in participating?

Researchers interested in using our Cancer Models Scout service should submit their request using the short enquiry form below, describing the required model characteristics or CRO services. There’s no obligation to contract with the connected CRO or sign up to the Repositive platform to use this service, and all requests are completely confidential.


If you have any questions related to our Cancer Models Scout service, please reach out to