September 2016

Repositive Launches Full Version of its Platform

Repositive Platform Includes New Data and Improved Search Features

Cambridge, 1 September 2016 ... Repositive, a software company developing novel tools to improve access to human genomic research data, has launched the full version of its free online data platform.

The Repositive platform has been improved based on user feedback on the beta version, and the range of data available expanded to ==more than 750,000 datasets== covering key genomic research areas such as population genetics, DNA and RNA-sequencing data, epigenetics data, microbiome data and personal genomic data. New data sources include ExAC, SRA, dbGaP, along with a number of data sources for personal genomes including Mike Lin’s genome, The Corpasome, The Genome of the Netherlands and The 1000 Genomes.

The full version also includes improved search features such as Boolean and predicated search capacity, better curation of search filters, the ability to browse through datasets without a keyword search, and options for third party sign-up and login through Google+ and LinkedIn.

Alongside the new platform, Repositive will also launch its Specialised dataset collections, later this month, the first of which will be Chinese Control Data, a dataset including data from GenomeAsia, SGVP, GigaDB and the Kadoorie BioBank. In addition to this, Repositive will launch specialised collections of DNA methylation, RNA expression, PDX molecular data, and human gut microbiome datasets later in 2016.

Since its launch in 2015, Repositive have been developing new features based on user feedback on the beta version of the platform. The new features included in the launch and selected expansion of datasets have been included at the request of the platform’s growing community of global users.

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Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Repositive, said:

“The launch of the full version of the Repositive platform is our contribution to the genomics research community. We have designed Repositive to immediately help genetics researchers in locating data in our growing catalogue of datasets from around the world. The full platform will see a new focus on specialised research areas which we are supporting with collections of datasets in new and growing areas of scientific interest. With the improved search capability and the expanded range of datasets now available, the fastest and easiest way to find the data that you need for your research is by searching the Repositive platform.”

This latest news builds on a number of other key developments during 2016. The company has raised additional seed funding of £500,000, secured partnerships with AstraZeneca and Xpressomics, and won the Pistoia Alliance inaugural President’s Start Up Challenge. In addition, Repositive also made a number of strategic hires including Manuel Corpas as Scientific Lead.

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