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Posted by Repositive, March 2019

Repositive to demonstrate how its Cancer Models Scout service can connect biopharmas with the right preclinical cancer models via an interactive app at AACR 2019

Repositive will also host a roundtable discussion on modelling metastasis at AACR 2019

At AACR 2019 (29 March–3 April 2019, Atlanta USA, booth #4628), Repositive will be demonstrating to biopharmas via an interactive app how its tailored and confidential Cancer Models Scout service can connect researchers with over 4,500 preclinical cancer models from industry-leading and specialist providers worldwide to accelerate their research. In addition, as part of Repositive’s commitment to enhancing the field of translational oncology, Repositive is hosting a roundtable discussion at AACR 2019 focused on the current challenges and latest technologies available to improve the modelling of metastasis during preclinical drug development.

Media Enquires For editors who are interested in interviewing Repositive’s experts at the booth, please contact Alicia Caunter, Marketing Coordinator at Repositive, to arrange a convenient time: or +44(0)1223 781455

Access to over 4,500 preclinical cancer models via Repositive’s expert search service

To advance the development of personalised cancer treatments to the clinic, Repositive launched its confidential Cancer Models Scout service to help biopharmas quickly source preclinical cancer models with the right genomic and molecular profiles for their studies. By utilising Repositive’s world-leading inventory of over 4,500 preclinical cancer models and its extended CRO network, Repositive’s experts can accelerate preclinical cancer research by connecting biopharmas with the best models and technologies available in just a few weeks. Through Repositive’s Cancer Models Scout service, researchers can access a wide variety of model types including, PDX and CDX models, syngeneic and humanised mice, cell lines and 3D organoids, suitable for purposes ranging from targeted therapies to immuno-oncology.

At AACR 2019 (booth #4628), Repositive will be showcasing the scale and variety of models that the team can search confidentially on behalf of researchers via an interactive app. Repositive invites biopharma researchers to try its interactive app on the show floor to see just how much time they could save by letting Repositive find their next translational cancer model. In addition, the Repositive Team are looking forward to meeting CRO/model providers at AACR 2019 who are interested to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Repositive and joining the world’s largest, global platform for preclinical cancer models.

Biopharma researchers who would like to book a meeting with Repositive at AACR, please email:

CROs/model providers interested to learn more about partnering with Repositive, please email:

For more information about Repositive’s Cancer Models Scout service, please visit:

When first-line therapy fails: Modelling metastasis and recurrence The majority of animal models currently available for preclinical research are based on primary tumour sites and the literature for modelling metastases in vitro is still relatively small. Therefore, as part of Repositive’s commitment to enhancing the field of translational oncology and shaping its future direction, at AACR 2019 Repositive is hosting a roundtable discussion titled: When first-line therapy fails: current challenges modelling metastasis & recurrence. At this event biopharma scientists can share their experiences, discuss the key issues affecting secondary tumour research, and exchange ideas and top tips with industry peers to improve the predictability of their metastatic and secondary tumours models. Repositive also invites CROs developing the latest technologies and models in this area to attend and share recent developments in the field.

Industry researchers interested in attending the roundtable discussion can register here:

Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Repositive, said: “After announcing the expansion of our platform to include a wider variety of cancer model types in April 2018, we are excited to be heading back to AACR this year with the largest, global inventory for preclinical cancer models. Through our interactive app, we want biopharma researchers to experience for themselves just how many different cancer models and technologies they can access, as well as how much time they could save by using our Cancer Models Scout service to source their next cancer model. The team and I are also delighted to be hosting another event for industry researchers working in translational oncology; this time focusing on the key barriers hindering the development of innovative cancer therapies for more effectively treating secondary tumours.”

To find out more about what Repositive will be showcasing at AACR, visit:

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