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Posted by Henrietta, January 2021

Why we are switching our focus to Cancer Model Scout in 2021

Repositive's mission is to accelerate the development of cancer drugs by connecting biopharma's quickly and efficiently to the right preclinical models.  Over the last few years, we have done a lot of work to develop the world's biggest collection of preclinical cancer models and a great network of CRO partners, with the ultimate aim of supporting even the most obscure model queries with complex requirements.

We go into 2021 with our priority for this year to make our unique cancer model network available as easily and smoothly as possible and we recognise that currently, our biopharma customers benefit most from the bespoke service we offer via our Cancer Model Scout (CMS) service. This concierge service involves our specialised team conducting a comprehensive model search across our well established CRO network to identify all models that match the detailed scope of our customers’ needs. Results are delivered in a personalised, data-rich report within 2-4 weeks that can be refreshed after 6 months if desired. From our internal data, we have seen that 87% of the CMS searches we perform result in successful identification of at least 1 high-match model, highlighting the value of our offering in the context of accelerating preclinical cancer research. Since we began our pivot towards the Cancer Model Scout service, we have already found that customers are engaging very positively with this new emphasis of direction and we are looking forward to what this year will bring.

We also wanted to highlight that despite our shift of focus towards the CMS service, we still plan to continue developing our Cancer Model Platform throughout 2021, informed by feedback from both our CMS customers, who will now have automatic access to the platform as part of their CMS subscription, and from our internal insights gained through CMS work. Since its inception, our Cancer Model Platform has grown to showcase over 8000 models from across 25 reputable CROs, which can be accessed at any given moment and searched for a wide variety of cancer indications (primary site), model types, gene and variant types, and treatment information. We are always working on partnering with new CROs and adding more models to our platform, so we can continue to optimise our offering for the biopharma community and provide the best possible support to preclinical cancer researchers.

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