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Cancer Models Platform

Helping you search and find Cancer Models

We’re maintaining the biggest cancer models inventory worldwide. So it’s easy to find cancer models and contact the CROs of interest.

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The marketplace for cancer models

Cancer models from specialist providers are now searchable in one place. Researchers can compare standardised molecular features, create collections of models and gain easy and direct access to the Contract Research Organisations (CROs) of interest.

Let us be your research assistant

Find the right model, again and again

We’ve standardised the metadata, making it easy to compare models from different sources. Live updates mean you’ll always be shown the latest version.

Make better use of your team’s time

No need to email individual CROs. Your team can now compare cancer models in one place, using molecular data that’s already been analysed.

Keep your IP safe

We will never share the details of your searches. The CRO will only know who you are if you ask for more information.


Models on the Cancer Models Platform


CROs on the Cancer Models Platform

Model types available on the Cancer Models Platform

  • CDX
  • Cell Line
  • PDX
  • GEMM
  • Tumouroid
  • Organoid
  • Syngeneic

Search and filter

Make reliable comparisons based on molecular features like gene expression.

Organise and share

Star to keep track of models, group them into collections and share with your team.

Direct support

Gain direct access to your CRO of interest and support from our team.

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Nuno Alves.

Nuno Alves

Scientific Biopharma Partner

It’s very important for the whole community to have access to a large database of models that they can screen and search and find the right model for the right project.

Phillippe Michon

Head of Business Development, Xentech