Cancer Models Platform

Improving search, discovery and access to translational oncology models

Repositive has built a platform to enable oncology researchers and preclinical research programmes to identify the translational cancer models that optimally represent specific cancer types and targeted patient sub-populations.


We aggregate metadata and molecular characterisation from multiple vendors into a single secure platform. By standardising key characteristics that make complex data searchable, models can be readily identified, compared and selected.

In 2017, Repositive piloted a project with AstraZeneca to seamlessly connect PDX model providers with oncology researchers. The resulting Repositive Global PDX Directory is now being expanded to become the Repositive Cancer Models Platform, growing stepwise to include CDX, syngeneic and humanised mouse models, as well as 3D in vitro systems and other popular translational cancer models.

Boehringer Ingelheim
Hunan Zhaotai Medical Group
ShenZen InVivo Biomedicine
Nexus Pharma
Woodland Biosciences
Cancer Genetics Incorporated
Horizon Discovery
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Our Proposal

Our aim is to ensure cancer model data and molecular characteristics are well described and easily available for oncology researchers through one online platform.
A centralised PDX Model data portal

The Repositive Cancer Models Platform will initially showcase PDX models from a range of cancer model providers, with the variety of model types being steadily expanded in 2018-2019.

The platform allows researchers to directly find and compare models based on their underlying genetic mutations and other molecular characteristics. It provides internal model inventory management tools, for third party model providers as well as for researchers with their own private in-house models.

Finding & Accessing Data

Benefits for oncology researchers

Save time and find the best models for your research needs

Identify the most relevant cancer models from multiple third-party model providers and your own internal model inventory through a single searchable and secure portal. Our standardised metadata and analytical pipelines allow for easy search, evaluation and comparison.

Protect your privacy and confidentiality

Your search terms are not revealed to any third parties. Your identity when viewing a model listing is not revealed to the model’s provider until you make a specific request to the provider through the system for more information.

Keep track of your model data

Benefits for cancer model developers

Generate new leads and showcase your expertise securely

Enable customers to find you by showcasing your models and specialist expertise on a secure platform that preserves data security and confidentiality. You control which elements of your model data are visible to new prospects or existing customers, and you have the facility to grant access on a case-by-case basis.

Streamline your workflow

Manage complex model data and model inventory on a single user-friendly platform.

For further information or to arrange a platform demonstration, email: