• What do you offer, what is your product?

    We are building a platform for facilitating access to and sharing of human genomic data. Our platform includes features for discovery of available data, making your data visible to the research community, managing your data sources and initiating data collaborations. Our platform also integrates methods for secure data sharing and a patented mechanism for secure privacy-preserving data access.

  • Can I deposit my data at Repositive?

    No, we do not hold a repository for raw data. We provide the entry point for you to:

    1. Register the availability of your data by depositing your metadata.
    2. Manage your data sources.
    3. Interface your local data to our API.
    We also provide an interface to query multiple repositories to find the relevant genomics data for your work.

  • Can I access medical record details through Repositive?

    No. You cannot download or view medical records via Repositive. We only provide access to anonymised genomic data with limited clinical and phenotypic information. Please note that the access to these datasets is determined by the consent for use given by the data donors.

  • How do you access data in a secure fashion?

    Our mission is to enable as much access to data as possible without compromising patient confidentiality or data security. Our approach for doing this is twofold:

    1. Raw data is owned, stored and maintained by the data generating institutions
    2. Metadata with no personal identifiable information is shared openly.
    We will soon be launching our patented query engine for secure delivery of anonymised, aggregated statistics of connected genomic data sources. The anonymised and aggregated data does not breach confidentiality or reveal the identity of the original data samples, and it is not possible to recompile the underlying individual samples from the results.

  • Who founded Repositive?

    The social enterprise Repositive spun out of the charity DNAdigest to develop a platform for facilitating access to and enabling sharing of genomic data. Repositive was founded by Fiona Nielsen (the founder of DNAdigest) in order to build a sustainable business around a software platform that provides both the technical means and the cultural incentives for genomic data sharing for research.

    Repositive was incorporated as a commercial company with a strong social mission, to align our activities with the mission of DNAdigest.

  • Will anyone be profiting from the Repositive platform for data access?

    In order to make our platform for data sharing sustainable, we are building on a business model of freemium subscriptions. That means that we can provide free access for all registered users to our basic services. For high-intensity users, advanced features and organisational access, we charge a subscription fee. We are operating a for-profit business model with our social mission strongly cemented in both our articles and our shareholders agreement.

  • What happens to your mission if Repositive is bought by a large commercial organisation, will Repositive remain a social enterprise?

    Our mission and vision for Repositive are protected by our articles of association and our shareholders agreement to continue to support our declared purpose of developing and maintaining initiatives that enable efficient and ethical data sharing.

  • Will you solve all my problems?

    No, we will not solve all your research problems or enable access to all the data in the World. What we will do is to provide a simple but very powerful interface to address specific research needs. Data sharing in genetics is a complex problem and we strongly believe that different parts of the problem will require different solutions - there is no "one size fits all" solution. Join the events and hack days of DNAdigest to contribute to the development of new solutions.

  • I have more questions! Who do I ask?

    Get in touch and we will be happy to answer. You can email us at info@repositive.io