Business Development Associate

Mission and Strategy

The mission of the Business Development Associate is to support the CEO in building mutually beneficial partnerships for Repositive in alignment with the business mission and vision.

The Business Development Associate will identify opportunities and help to develop strategic relationships with data providers, service partners or potential customers. The role includes the development of a strong pipeline of new customers and partners, through direct or indirect customer contact, and prospecting for new business leads. The Business Development Associate will work with marketing, sales, and product development teams to implement business development initiatives for both the core/premium platform and PDX platform products.

It is essential for candidates to have an empathy for the struggles of both data users and data providers in genomic research and be motivated by the potential of Repositive products to address the issues of data access and connect the world of genomic data.

The Business Development Associate will act as an advocate for the Repositive vision and represent and exemplify best practices for data protection, data governance and ethical data sharing for the benefit of patients. The Business Development Associate will be responsible for establishing structured processes for interaction with data providers and partners in accordance with data protection regulation and best practices for data governance including confirmed accordance with data usage consent at all times.

As part of a coordinated team effort, it is expected that the Business Development Associate will stay keenly up-to-date with the product roadmaps and the company vision and strategy for business development and use these insights to pro-actively identify and propose new business opportunities for Repositive.

The Business Development Associate will eventually report to the Commercial Director. Until a Commercial Director is in place, the Business Development Associate will report directly to the CEO.  


Drive the Repositive data marketplace by signing partnerships with data providers

Success Measure: The Business Development Associate will sign up at least 1 new data source per month for indexing on the public Repositive platform. At least 75% of the new data source sign-ups will be commercial data providers.  

Set up contractual terms with strategic, distribution and service partners for Repositive

Success Measure: 100% of partner leads approved by the CEO have been offered a contractual partnership with Repositive within 1 month of approval.  

Provide transparent progress reporting

The Business Development Associate will report progress and activities on all customer accounts in a weekly report to the team and management for full transparency of progress. Summaries of questions and concerns raised by prospects and customers will be shared and discussed weekly with the team.  

Communicate reliably and promptly

The Business Development Associate will respond to customer and team email enquiries within 1 working day and to prospect email enquiries within 2 working days.  

Offer excellent customer service

By delivering an excellent standard of great service the successful candidate will receive no stakeholder complaints about approach, conduit or representation of Repositive.  

Align with company values

The successful candidate will be aligned with the Repositive key values and gain the trust of the team through consistent performance. The alignment with Repositive values and performance in team work will be assessed by 360 feedback.  

Ideal candidates should: 

Have a bachelor’s degree in business, finance or marketing with 1-3 years of experience in closing contracts. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within life science R&D related to genomics and biomedical data.  


Experience in selling bioinformatics, SaaS and software services to biotech and biopharma. Background in bioinformatics or human genetics research.  


The Repositive office is located in Cambridge, UK. Some travel is expected for this role.  

Growth opportunities

At Repositive, we value our employees and strive to provide challenging and satisfying roles for our staff. Every team member is encouraged to develop professionally and grow in their role. Growing as a team member within Repositive may mean specialising in a certain skill, it may mean taking on management responsibility or it may mean diversifying skills and taking on responsibilities in different areas of the business.

To Apply

Send an email to, including the following:

  • your CV & cover letter
  • the position you are applying for
  • why you want to be a part of Repositive, a startup with a strong social mission
  • a description of your scientific background (if any)