• What are the requirements to join the PDX consortium?

    We welcome contributors and collaborators to the PDX data consortium from both the PDX researcher and PDX vendor communities. Please get in touch to hear more - email info@repositive.io.

  • Is participation in the PDX consortium free of charge?

    It is free of charge to sign up for our mailing list to be kept up-to-date on the project progress. For PDX vendors who list descriptions of their data, we will list their names on the PDX consortium page for free.

    PDX researchers and PDX vendors who want to influence the development of the resource can sign up as consortium partners for a fee. Consortium partners are invited to participate in the consortium meetings and workshops and make a commitment to contribute feedback during the project.

  • Will the PDX resource be free of charge?

    During the PDX platform pilot - the first 12 months - consortium partners will benefit from early access to the PDX platform and associated specialised premium services. PDX users will benefit from easy search across vendors and simplified workflows to request information about characteristics and availability of the listed PDX models. PDX vendors will benefit from increased visibility of their data for PDX users and opportunity for saving administration costs and increasing their sales related to PDX models.
    Participating vendors will additionally have an opportunity to list their public data on the free public Repositive platform.

    After the public launch of the PDX platform, the access to the PDX platform and premium services will be offered as a subscription service.

  • What are the milestones of the PDX project?

    The first stage of the PDX project is a 12 month pilot where we will be developing the PDX platform and gathering requirements and feedback from consortium partners who will have early access to the resource and associated services.

    During the first stage, participating PDX vendors will be contributing descriptions and characterisations of their PDX models and Repositive will integrate these in the controlled environment on the PDX pilot platform. As specific tools and premium services are developed, they will be made available initially only to consortium partners.

    In the second stage - after the public launch of the PDX platform - the PDX platform, tools and premium features will be offered as a subscription service.

    As the project plan develops, specific project milestones and progress will be shared with the consortium partners.

  • When will the PDX resource be available for users outside the consortium?

    We will announce an approximate timeline for public launch of the PDX platform at the end of the pilot project.

  • Who will own the rights to discoveries?

    The PDX data consortium is making available molecular data (such as DNA sequencing, genotyping, expression data etc) as a pre-competitive resource to enable PDX users (such as pharma and biotech) to choose the most suitable PDX model for their planned experiments. The outcome of the PDX model experiments is licenced between the PDX vendor and the PDX user who contracted and/or performed the experiments.