19th May 2021

Cancer Models Forum

Expanding cancer drug indications to increase treatment options in the clinic and improve biopharma sales

by Henrietta Bull

This blog post shares a case study about a collaboration with a top 20 biopharma, who prior to this partnership had spent 3 years looking for a cancer model to expand the indications for an already approved drug. We’ve also included information about our Hard-To-Find model challenge, a special promotion on our services that is running until the end of May.


A top 20 biopharma researcher was searching for lung PDX models from treatment-naïve patients, with an exon-specific mutation in a tyrosine kinase receptor that promotes cell growth, proliferation and survival. The challenge was that the researcher had been searching for models with these specifications over the course of three years and built an internal database of matching models, totalling 40 models, mostly from well-known industry CROs.


3 weeks after submitting a request with Repositive, the biopharma researcher received a report of 43 matching models with all their associated curated data. The results were compiled from a search across Repositive’s network of partner CROs, without querying mainstream industry CROs, and included models from 13 new CROs the researcher had not previously discovered!

The example below presents the benefit of successfully expanding drug indications for an already approved drug. As shown, worldwide sales increased from 1 to 4 indications, allowing more patients to receive the treatment in the clinic. This is a good example of why accelerating the search for preclinical cancer models is important, as it can help to deliver new drugs to patients much faster.

Case study

“At AstraZeneca, we believe [Repositive] will allow us to reduce the time spent by our scientists looking for models and information and therefore speed up the decision process. It will also help us to ensure better characterisation and description of models by defining the minimal information required, so we can improve the quality of the research we are doing to provide further patient benefits.” - Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca

The Hard-to-Find Model Challenge

This spring, we are offering all new Repositive customers the chance to take part in our Hard-To-Find Model Challenge. Tell us about a cancer model you have been looking to use in your research, but have had trouble finding. We will search our internal database and reach out to our vast network of global partners for free to compile a data-rich list of preclinical model suggestions for you. Once we finish searching (around 2-4 weeks), we will jump on a call with you and present the results.

If we find any unique models of your interest, you will have the option to sign up to one of our subscription packages with a 10% discount for up to 1-month after the challenge has been completed. Once your purchase is complete, we can help connect you with your CRO(s) of interest to purchase the model(s) we found. The choice is yours! We are simply here to facilitate the conversation between you and a CRO.

Offer ends 28th of May 2021.

Want to know more about the challenge? Fill out this form and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.

Header image: Unsplash

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