20th April 2021

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CRO Spotlight: Pharmatest

by Henrietta Bull

Pharmatest joined Repositive as a CRO partner in November 2020 and we are excited to share with you a further insight into the unique models and services they supply as part of their offering.

Introduction to Pharmatest

Based in Finland, with sales offices in the US and China, Pharmatest Services is a global contract research organisation specialising in preclinical efficacy services in the therapeutic areas of oncology and skeletal diseases. Their mission is simple: to enable a reduction in the number of drug candidates that fail in clinical trials by providing services that make drug development faster and more predictive. As a result, they place particular emphasis on ensuring their work delivers high quality data and reliable clinical predictivity, and with over 20 years of experience, their comprehensive cancer portfolio covers xenograft, syngeneic and immuno-oncology models. They offer research models that have been fully optimized and validated with several years of extensive R&D work.

Pipeline Management

Pharmatest works across a variety of pipeline management stages, including lead identification, lead optimisation and validation, and non-clinical development, to provide support to biopharmas looking to select and develop optimal drug candidates in the areas of oncology and bone disease. They provide access to the latest translational tools for use in selection of new drug candidates, for further drug development, or for discovery of adverse effects and new indications in existing drug compounds, with the option to carry out either a single study and an entire drug development project. Their study set-up is optimised for testing new drug candidates according to FDA and EMEA regulatory guidelines, and they also provide specially designed studies for testing biosimilars and functional foods that have less extensive regulatory requirements.

Pharmatest 1

Preclinical Research Services

Pharmatest works across the therapeutic areas of:

  • Oncology: delivering proof-of-efficacy studies for cancer drug candidates using cell culture assays and animal models (specialising in orthotopic and metastasis models)
  • Skeletal disease: performing osteoclast and osteoblast in vitro studies and offering in vivo models for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rare bone disease research, as well as bone safety studies.

As bone experts, they also have unique expertise in working at the cross-section of oncology and skeletal disease, with bone metastasis models. Tissue microenvironment is known to affect tumour properties and drug resistance, and Pharmatest’s bone metastasis models display a mimicry of the tissue microenvironment that substantially increases their clinical relevance and predictivity, providing a major advantage over more traditional subcutaneous models that lack this feature. In addition to bone metastasis modelling, Pharmatest also have expertise in immuno-oncology research services and testing radiopharmaceuticals. Via their large collaboration network, Pharmatest also offers GLP toxicology studies.

Please see below for a more detailed list of the research models and services provided by Pharmatest:

Pharmatest 2

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