24th February 2021

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CRO Spotlight: Syngene International Ltd.

by Henrietta Bull

Syngene International Ltd. joined Repositive as a CRO partner in November 2020 and we are excited to share with you a further insight into the unique models and services they supply as part of their offering.

Introduction to Syngene

Syngene International Ltd. is an integrated contract research, development and manufacturing organisation with 26 years of experience in serving the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutrition, animal health, consumer goods and specialty chemical sectors. Syngene’s expert scientists have a wide range of expertise in the following disease models:

CDX models (human & syngeneic) - this includes a wide range of validated syngeneic tumour models.

PDX models

Immuno-oncology models - IO profiling data with checkpoint inhibitors (Anti-PD1, Anti-CTLA4 etc.) is available.

Orthotopic models – across bladder, glioblastoma, pancreas, lung, breast

Angiogenesis models

Metastasis models

Biomarker discovery

PK/PD correlation

Syngene also has a diverse set of drug screen capabilities, and has successfully contributed towards development of multiple preclinical candidates for IND filling. Syngene’s 4200 scientists offer both skills and capacity to deliver great science, robust data management, IP security and quality manufacturing, at speed, to improve time-to-market and lower the cost of innovation.

Head & Neck Cancer Tumour repository

Syngene has a unique PDX repository containing over 100 head and neck tumour samples specific to patients from Indian ethnic populations. Access to procurement of these tumour samples is through collaborative partnerships with local hospitals. Syngene’s current variety of samples include tongue, buccal mucosa, maxilla, alveolus, pharynx and RMT samples. All samples are obtained with approved IRB, informed consent and in accordance with IAEC protocols.

Demographic details, such as age, gender, disease specific data, diagnostic history, clinical stage and clinical biochemistry, as well as patient histology data regarding the tumour stage and grade are available. A history of treatment modalities, PDX tumour growth curves from SCID mice and genotype details are also available for select samples. Syngene has significant experience in screening test compounds in PDX models.

Syngene histology vertical

Drug Screening capabilities

Syngene has a team of experienced scientists with the ability to set up diverse efficacy models as per program/client needs. They have wide experience in drug screening for in-vivo efficacy in preclinical cancer models, including for small molecule inhibitors (in orthotopic models), NCE’s, large molecules (single fusion, full length, bispecific antibodies) and antibody drug conjugates (ADC’s). Real monitoring of bio-distribution studies for large molecules can be screened via IVIS.

Syngene also has a robust in vivo platform to screen immune checkpoint inhibitors (Anti-PD1, Anti-PDL1, Anti-CTLA4, Anti-LAG3) across a set of validated humanized mouse models. In addition, Syngene’s oncology division has access to in vivo small animal Preclinical Imaging Systems. This enables identification of disease pathways and longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, including non-invasive monitoring and growth tracking of tumours in orthotopic models.

To know more about Syngene’s other service offerings, please click Discovery, Development and Manufacturing.

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