25th March 2021

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CRO Spotlight: Vivan Therapeutics

by Henrietta Bull

Vivan Therapeutics (previously My Personal Therapeutics) joined Repositive as a cancer model partner in March 2021 and we are excited to share with you a further insight into the unique models and services they supply as part of their offering.

Introduction: Oncology drug discovery is complex

It is no secret that the cancer drug development landscape is complex. The global oncology drug market is estimated to be worth approximately $167.9 billion and oncology makes up a whopping 37.4% of total biopharma pipeline expenditure, yet cancer drugs still experience a 95% failure rate from preclinical to clinical trials (1) (2). This lack of translational success is largely attributed to an overreliance on conventional models and systems during the preclinical development process, which often do not accurately reflect all the intricacies of human biology.

The Solution: How Vivan Therapeutics is tackling this problem

The team at Vivan Therapeutics strongly believe that to overcome the complexity of oncology drug discovery, the research models used by preclinical oncology researchers need to demonstrate that complexity too. This starts by creating models that better reflect the native patient environment and thus can be used to assess tumour-drug interactions at a much higher level of accuracy.

With their proprietary technology developed at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, Vivan Therapeutics has the ability to create a biological twin of any patient by replicating polygenic tumour complexity across an army of 500,000 fruit fly avatars. This includes engineering up to 20 mutations in these living, biological systems, which can be used to test thousands of drugs and combination of drugs via a high-throughput screening approach. This allows preclinical researchers to test multiple drug discovery strategies at once in a model that more accurately represents the in vivo patient tumour environment, and can used for discovery of novel drug combinations (85% of patients require a minimum combination of 2 or 3 drugs), development of a biomarker strategy, or even repurposing of existing drugs.

The Process: What does working with Vivan Therapeutics look like?

Biopharma researchers can partner with Vivan Therapeutics to test their specific drug compounds of interest across an army of half a million fruit fly avatars. Vivan can supply biopharma researchers with avatar models from their existing “flybrary” of patient models, or even create new fruit fly models to match specific project requirements. Their project team works closely with you throughout the whole process, from defining the requirements of the study right through to project execution and generating the final report. Studies using existing avatars can be completed in less than a month.

Vivan infographic

How Vivan Therapeutics generates and tests their fruit fly avatar models

The Benefits: What can I use Vivan’s avatar models for?

Vivan Therapeutics’ avatar models can be used for a wide range of drug discovery purposes, including for:

  • Screening novel molecules for efficacy and toxicity
  • Combination analysis: discovering novel combinations and repurposing existing molecules
  • Competitive profiling: comparing your molecule’s efficacy with standard of cares and competitive molecules
  • Patient stratification & Biomarkers: investigating response in patient avatars across a population of disease-relevant models, and relating genomic profiles to response
  • Developing custom avatar models


(1) In The Global Oncology Market. Available at: http://www.globenewswire.com/fr/news-release/2020/10/06/2104100/0/en/Oncology-Market-Size-2020-Particularly-Prone-To-Disruption-During-Pandemic-In-The-Global-Oncology-Market.html

(2) Evaluate Pharma, 2020. World Preview 2020, Outlook to 2026, London: Evaluate Ltd.

Header image: sourced from Unsplash

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