22nd April 2021


Hard to Find Model Challenge

by Repositive

Following the successful launch of our new cancer model subscription package for biopharma researchers, we are excited to bring you a special offering for this spring! For the next 4 weeks, we will be running the ‘Hard-to-Find Model Challenge’, a special offer on all subscription package purchases that allows you to trial our cancer model search service. As part of the offer, we will help you find a hard-to-find model free of charge, and once we present you with the results, you will have the option of purchasing one of our subscription packages with a 10% discount*.

Want to know more about what we do and how we can accelerate your cancer drug discovery programme? Just keep reading!

Who We Are

Repositive is on a mission to accelerate cancer drug development by improving translational success from preclinical research to clinical trials. We are a team of scientists providing unique, tailored cancer model search services to researchers working in the preclinical oncology space, and our work helps to connect biopharmas with CROs from around the world to maximise opportunities for drug development success. We are working to make the CRO landscape more accessible by levelling the playing field between big and small CROs and introducing new and obscure technologies to our biopharma customers.

Our Services

Our cancer model search services come as part of a tailored subscription package, which includes:

  • Access to a selected number of Cancer Model Scout searches – a personalised, cost-effective service. Cancer model searches are conducted by our expert team across our extended network of 100+ CROs, to find models matching your specific requirements. Results are delivered within 2-4 weeks in a data-rich report, together with a bioinformatics report outlining our methods.
  • 24/7 access to our beta Cancer Models Platform, a database with over 8000 preclinical cancer models from across our 25 partnered CROs/model vendors, which can be filtered by primary site, cancer subtype, model type, gene mutations and drug treatment data.

The bespoke nature of our offering means every customer is given individual attention from our team of expert bioinformaticians to ensure we have a complete understanding of your model search requirements and can deliver the results you’re looking for. The model recommendations we provide are based on scientific merit and we remain impartial in your choice of CRO. Our team is always on hand to answer questions, provide support and facilitate warm introductions to the CROs of your choice, should you choose to enter into a discussion.

What makes us different?

  1. We provide a personalised, human-centric approach driven by scientific merit, to help you find the right cancer models for your studies, giving you direct access to our experienced team of scientists and always delivering a high-quality level of service.
  2. We give you a richer insight into the global CRO landscape by levelling the playing field between big and small CROs – this helps to provide a more comprehensive view of the landscape and allows you to make more informed decisions about the CROs you partner with.
  3. We have spent years developing our CRO network and curating preclinical cancer model data, meaning we are able to provide our customers with fast access to the most accurate and diverse cancer model data, and we can perform searches for even the most complex, hard-to-find models. The network is always growing.
  4. Our business is founded on strong principles, and our team is guided by a mission and set of values we all believe in. Our team is connected by a conviction to help scientists do the science and accelerate the process of drug discovery.

The Hard-to-Find Model Challenge

This spring, we are offering all new Repositive customers the chance to take part in our Hard-To-Find Model Challenge. Tell us about a cancer model you have been looking for to use in your research, but have had trouble finding. We will search our internal database and reach out to our vast network of global partners to compile a data-rich list of preclinical model suggestions for you. Once we finish searching (around 2-4 weeks), we will jump on a call with you and present the results. If we find any unique models of your interest, you will have the option to sign up to one of our subscription packages with a 10% discount for up to 1-month after the challenge has been completed. Once your purchase is complete, we can help connect you with your CRO(s) of interest to purchase the model(s) we found. The choice is yours! We are simply here to facilitate the conversation between you and a CRO.

Offer ends 28th of May 2021.

Want to know more about our Hard-to-find challenge? Simply click on this link and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Header image: Unsplash

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