Our Team

  • Image of Fiona Nielsen

    Fiona Nielsen

    Founder and CEO

    Bioinformatics scientist specialised in genome analysis with 15 years of experience in software development and project management. Fiona left her job at Illumina Cambridge in 2013 to pursue her vision of enabling efficient genomic data sharing and founded the charity DNAdigest. In August 2014 she founded Repositive as a spin out of DNADigest.

  • Image of Adrian Alexa

    Adrian Alexa

    Co-founder and CTO

    Adrian is a data scientist with expertise in algorithm optimisation and API development. While working at Illumina, Adrian built APIs for Illumina’s BaseSpace environment and tools for extracting statistics out of large genomic datasets. Prior to that he worked as a research associate at Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany.

  • Image of Amanda McMurray

    Amanda McMurray

    Interim CFO

    Amanda is a business consultant, interim executive, and coach, specialising in small and start-up enterprise, especially those based on innovative science or technology. Her professional background spans Consultancy, Business Development, Investment Fund Management and R&D in genomics; her academic background is in chemistry.

  • Image of Nadia Kovalevskaya

    Nadia Kovalevskaya

    Scientific Liaison

    Nadia joined DNAdigest as a volunteer researcher in May 2014 and later the Repositive team. Prior to this she was an academic researcher and a scientific editor. Nadia is experienced both in wet and dry-lab work. She has a PhD in chemistry and extensive experience in NMR spectroscopy of proteins.

  • Image of Manuel Corpas

    Manuel Corpas

    Scientific Lead

    Manuel is a 2016 fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute and Board of Directors of the International Society for Computational Biology. Previously, he was Technical Coordinator of the Horizon 2020 Research Infrastructure ELIXIR-UK, coordinator of the BioJS open source community and Chair of the Technical Committee for the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Training (GOBLET). Manuel holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and did his post-doctoral research in clinical genomics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, developing the DECIPHER database. He has >40 scientific publications.

  • Image of Craig Smith

    Craig Smith

    Marketing Manager

    Craig manages a wide spectrum of activities including marketing, events, communications and also assists with design and brand management. Craig gets particularly excited over growth hacking techniques and lean analytics and has the added bonus of 9 years’ design experience.

  • Image of Jana Grajciarova

    Jana Grajciarova

    UX/UI Developer

    Jana is working on the design and when it is needed she does coding as well. She has a background in graphic design and front-end development. Her favourite tool is pen and paper to quickly sketch out an idea.

  • Image of Charlotte Whicher

    Charlotte Whicher

    Product Manager

    Charlotte comes from an academic background, with experience in genomic data research and a PhD in Infection and Immunity. She understands the need for more data and the difficulties faced by researchers in finding and accessing that data. Her aim is to understand what Repositive users want, and how genomic data Repositories work, so she can help make Repositive into an awesome product.

  • Image of Richard Shaw

    Richard Shaw

    Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

    Richard is working on exploration of genomic data repositories and privacy-preserving querying. He was previously at Illumina, where he developed and assessed algorithms to detect a variety of classes of genomic variants and gained an appreciation of the need for large genomic datasets and their efficent reuse. He has a particular interest in neurogenomics and is curious to know how the human genome specifies those neural circuits that we share.

  • Image of Sebastian Place

    Sebastian Place

    Web Developer

    Computer science graduate with experience in developing web applications. Interested in UI design, functional programming, nature and functional movement...and food.

  • Image of Dennis Schwartz

    Dennis Schwartz

    Bioinformatics Developer

    Dennis recently joined Repositive after graduating with a Master's in Computational Biology from TU Munich. His focus is on backend development and data processing and analysis. On the weekends, you might catch him dancing somewhere or making music as a DJ or bass player.

  • Image of Ruben Paz

    Ruben Paz

    Backend Developer

    Ruben is a Spaniard software developer with experience in frontend, mobile and backend projects. His interests are mainly related with software architecture, functional methodologies, OSS and community driven events.

  • Image of Daniel Gynn

    Daniel Gynn

    Frontend Web Developer

    Daniel is a web developer who works on building frontend Ember apps. He studies computer science at the University of Kent, enjoys exploring web technologies and is a big fan of carrot cake.

  • Image of Tom Byers

    Tom Byers

    Web Developer

    Tom is developing his frontend web skills as well as advancing his interest in data analytics & UI/UX design. He graduated in 2015 from a Sport & Exercise Science degree at the University of Bath and is a keen cyclist & climber.

  • Image of Katie Hague

    Katie Hague

    Office Administrator

    Katie has recently joined the Repositive team and has come from a retail background. She will be helping to look after the office, processing payroll and expenses and supporting Amanda, our CFO.

The Board

  • Image of Jonathan Milner

    Jonathan Milner


    Jonathan is an entrepreneur and investor and is passionate about supporting UK life science and high-tech startups. He has provided considerable investment and support to over 40 companies and has assisted three technology companies to IPO on the London AIM Stock Exchange.

  • Image of Victor Szilagyi

    Victor Szilagyi

    Non-Executive Director

    Victor has crafted cross-platform products and services for some of the world’s largest consumer electronics, media and telecoms companies. Victor is a named inventor on more than 12 patents. He holds degrees in Psychology and Urban Design from New York University as well as an MFA in Interaction Design from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII).

People who helped us on the journey

  • Image of Jose Moreira

    Jose Moreira


  • Image of Matthew Young

    Matthew Young

    Data Scientist

  • Image of Tim Richardson

    Tim Richardson

    Software Developer

  • Image of Xocas Cardama

    Xocas Cardama

    Operations Manager

  • Image of Margi Kolchagova

    Margi Kolchagova

    Communications Assistant

  • Image of Francis Menson

    Francis Menson

    UX Developer