Optavia Review: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Program

If you’re considering a new diet plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals, you may have come across the Optavia Diet. This fairly new diet program has gained popularity on social media and claims to help you adopt healthy habits that can be applied to your everyday life.

Before diving in, it is essential to understand what Optavia Diet entails and how it can benefit you.

Optavia offers several plans that combine meal replacements, known as “Fuelings,” with lean and green meals that you prepare at home. One of the more popular plans is the 5&1 Plan, which consists of eating five Optavia Fuelings and one lean and green meal per day.

The Fuelings are designed to contain a balance of nutrients, including fiber, to keep you satisfied and on track with your weight loss journey.

As you navigate the Optavia Diet, it’s important to know the pros and cons of the program to determine if it’s the right choice for your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

By evaluating the meal plans, food lists, tips, and expert opinions, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision about whether the Optavia Diet is suitable for you.

What Is Optavia?

Optavia Review

Optavia is a weight loss program that focuses on teaching you to adopt healthy habits and apply them to your everyday life. Founded in 2002, this program has gained popularity through social media platforms.

The diet plan revolves around reducing your calorie and carbohydrate intake by providing portion-controlled meals and snacks. Optavia’s primary plan, known as the 5&1 plan, limits your daily calorie intake to 800-1,000 calories.

The program offers prepackaged foods called “Fuelings,” which are designed to supply you with essential nutrients while keeping your calorie count in check. Optavia also incorporates support from personal coaches, recipes for healthy meals, and daily motivation from their community.

In addition to the Fuelings, you will also prepare one homemade meal per day, called the “Lean and Green” meal. This meal should consist of lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fats, helping you maintain a balanced diet.

While Optavia can lead to short-term weight loss, some experts raise concerns about the program’s sustainability. They worry that transitioning off meal replacements might lead to weight regain.

The Optavia Diet Plans

The Optavia diet offers various meal plans to help you achieve your weight loss goals. In this section, you will learn about the different Optavia diet plans, including the 5&1 Plan, the 4&2&1 Plan, and the 3&3 Plan.

The 5&1 Plan

The Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan consists of five fuelings and one lean-and-green meal per day. The fuelings are meal replacements provided by Optavia, while the lean-and-green meal is a homemade meal rich with lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fats.

By combining meal replacements and a nutrient-dense homemade meal, you can limit your daily calorie intake and promote weight loss.

The 4&2&1 Plan

The Optimal Weight 4&2&1 Plan includes four fuelings, two lean-and-green meals, and one healthy snack per day. This plan is a bit more flexible than the 5&1 Plan, allowing you to cook more homemade meals while still utilizing the convenience of Optavia’s meal replacements.

It may be a suitable option for those who enjoy preparing and eating more of their meals.

The 3&3 Plan

The 3&3 Plan, also known as the Optimal Health 3&3 Plan, aims to help you maintain your weight loss by focusing on balanced nutrition and portion control. This plan includes three fuelings and three balanced meals per day.

The fuelings serve as snacks, while the balanced meals should contain lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fats. The 3&3 Plan encourages long-term, sustainable weight management by promoting healthy eating habits.

By understanding your options and choosing the right Optavia diet plan, you can tailor your weight loss journey to your preferences and lifestyle. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet plan.

Optavia Products

The Optavia diet offers a variety of products to help you on your weight loss journey. These products are designed to provide necessary nutrients while keeping your daily calorie intake in check.


Optavia fuelings are nutrient-dense, portion-controlled meals and snacks that support healthy weight management. There are over 60 delicious fuelings to choose from, ensuring you won’t get bored with your options. The fuelings are meant to be consumed five times a day, making it convenient for you to maintain a consistent eating schedule.

These choices include bars, shakes, soups, cereal, and more. All fuelings are designed to be low in calories while still providing essential vitamins and minerals, making them the cornerstone of the Optavia diet

Lean & Green Meals

Lean & Green meals are a significant part of your daily eating plan on the Optavia diet. These meals consist of a serving of lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and a healthy fat.

They are designed to keep you feeling full while helping you lose weight. You can either cook these meals yourself, following the recommended guidelines, or choose from a selection of pre-prepared options offered by Optavia.

These options can be a convenient way to ensure you’re adhering to the nutritional requirements of the diet while still enjoying a delicious home-style meal.


In addition to fuelings and Lean & Green meals, Optavia offers a variety of snacks to keep your cravings at bay in between meals. Some of these options include Optavia-approved bars, chips, and more.

These snacks are designed to satisfy your hunger without derailing your weight loss progress. They can be easily incorporated into your eating plan and help you stay on track throughout the day.

By using this combination of fuelings, Lean & Green meals, and snacks, you can create a sustainable and enjoyable eating plan on your Optavia weight loss journey. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the available options and make choices that align with your personal preferences and nutritional needs.

Benefits of Optavia

One of the main benefits of the Optavia diet is the wide variety of foods and numerous recipes it offers. This ensures that you have many options to choose from and prevents boredom with your meal plan.

The diet also provides support from certified health coaches, which can be especially helpful if you’re a beginner or need guidance throughout your weight loss journey.

Another benefit of Optavia is its potential for fast weight loss. The program is ranked as the #2 Best Fast Weight-Loss Diet by US News, making it an attractive option for those who want to see rapid results.

Keep in mind, though, that weight loss outcomes can vary from person to person based on factors such as metabolism and effort.

Optavia can also simplify the weight loss process through its meal plan, which includes pre-packaged “Fuelings” and recipes. This can save you time and take the guesswork out of portion control and meal planning.

Lastly, the Optavia community can provide added motivation and support. Many people find that being part of a larger group with shared goals helps them stay committed and inspired throughout their weight loss journey.

Potential Drawbacks

While Optavia may offer some benefits in terms of weight loss support, there are potential drawbacks to consider before fully committing to the program. One concern is that this diet may not be suitable for everyone.

Some individuals may experience negative effects from the low-calorie intake, such as triggering disordered eating or yo-yo dieting patterns.

Another potential issue is that an athlete’s rigorous training program may not be compatible with the very low calorie intake of the Optavia diet. A study has shown that reducing body mass too quickly may impair performance and risk an athlete’s overall health.

The Optavia program also requires a level of commitment to purchasing and consuming their Fuelings, which are prepackaged meals provided by the company. Some people may find this approach too restrictive or costly over time, limiting the sustainability of the diet in the long term.

Lastly, it’s worth considering that while professional assistance from Optavia coaches is offered, the quality of this support may vary. Some coaches may be more knowledgeable and experienced than others, which could impact the effectiveness of the guidance you receive during your weight loss journey/

Customer Reviews

The Optavia diet has helped many people achieve significant weight loss and transform their lives. For example, a customer named Brittany May reported losing a staggering 336 pounds following the Optavia program.

Her impressive before and after pictures on Instagram demonstrates the incredible transformation that’s possible with dedication and the right support.

Another inspiring example is a couple who lost more than 300 pounds combined during the pandemic, thanks to Optavia. This story highlights how the diet plan can provide motivation and help maintain focus even in challenging times.

It’s not just the weight loss numbers that make these testimonials compelling—you’ll also find many success stories of people who have experienced other positive changes in their lives. Some common benefits include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved mental clarity and focus
  • Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Better overall health and well-being

Moreover, the before and after pictures from Optavia users are powerful visual evidence of the program’s effectiveness in helping people reach their weight loss goals.

The success stories showcase a diverse range of individuals at different starting points and with different goals, showing that the Optavia diet can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

It’s important to remember that individual results may vary, and the success of the Optavia program depends on factors such as your dedication, consistency, and personal metabolism.

However, many people have found the program to be an effective and supportive choice for discovering a healthier, happier version of themselves.

What Do Experts Say?

The Optavia diet has received mixed reviews from experts. According to US News Best Diets, the highest rating Optavia received was for short-term weight loss. This is likely due to its low-calorie cap which helps in achieving faster results. Most experts rated the diet highly for this aspect.

As a newer version of the Medifast diet, Optavia relies heavily on prepackaged foods called “Fuelings.” These low-carbohydrate, low-calorie meals are designed to help you manage your weight.

When it comes to long-term weight loss, experts state that meal replacement programs like Optavia can lead to more weight loss at the one-year mark compared to other weight loss programs.

However, it’s crucial to monitor the progress continuously and make adjustments as needed to ensure long-term success.

One of the main components of the Optavia program is the support provided by Optavia coaches, who assist you with your weight management goals. Along with that, the program offers recipes, Fuelings, and daily motivation from the community.

When deciding if Optavia is right for you, consider the advice of healthcare professionals and the research-backed benefits mentioned above. Keep in mind that it’s essential to make sustainable lifestyle changes for lasting weight loss results.

Is it Worth it?

The Optavia diet is designed to provide all the nutrients and calories your body needs to achieve your optimal body weight. It offers a variety of food options, recipes, and Optavia Fuelings. But is it worth the investment in terms of cost, time, and effort?

When considering the cost, the Essential Optimal Kit, which is part of Optavia’s 5 & 1 Plan, costs about $375 to $450 for approximately 30 days’ worth of food. While this may seem expensive, remember that this expense covers most of your meals for an entire month.

Additionally, Optavia provides support from health coaches to keep you motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

As for the diet plan itself, the Optavia diet is a meal replacement plan that involves eating a certain number of “fuelings” per day, along with one homemade meal.

This helps you reduce your calorie intake, leading to weight loss. Some experts, however, worry that the diet may be unsustainable and can lead to weight regain once you transition off the meal replacements.

Furthermore, while many people have experienced weight loss with Optavia, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet plan, as Optavia may not be suitable for everyone.

Individual results may vary based on factors such as personal health history, dietary preferences, and adherence to the plan.

In summary, the Optavia diet may be worth considering if you are looking for a structured meal plan with a supportive community and are willing to invest in the program. However, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional to determine whether it is the right fit for your individual needs and goals.

Costs and Pricing

Optavia offers a variety of meal plans, and the costs of these plans can vary depending on your needs and preferences.

Before diving into specific pricing, it’s important to understand that each plan includes Fuelings, which are pre-packaged meals and snacks designed to provide you with the necessary nutrients and support weight loss.

The Essential Optimal Kit (5&1 Plan) and the Essential On-the-Go Kit (5&1 Plan) both cost $378.25. These plans include 5 Fuelings and 1 healthy meal that you prepare yourself each day.

Another option is the Essential Optimal Kit (4&2&1 Plan), which costs $423 and is more flexible, as it consists of 4 Fuelings, 2 meals, and 1 snack per day.

For those looking for a plan tailored to specific needs, the Optimal Weight 4-And-2-And-1 Plan costs $442 per month and includes 18 boxes of essential Fuelings and 2 boxes of snacks.

This plan is geared towards seniors and individuals with type 1 diabetes. Another option is the Optimal Health 3-And-3 Plan, which is $20.75 per day and consists of 3 Fuelings and 3 healthy meals you prepare yourself.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pricing for each plan:

  • Essential Optimal Kit (5&1 Plan): $378.25
  • Essential On-the-Go Kit (5&1 Plan): $378.25
  • Essential Optimal Kit (4&2&1 Plan): $423
  • Optimal Weight 4-And-2-And-1 Plan: $442 per month
  • Optimal Health 3-And-3 Plan: $20.75 per day

It’s important to note that these costs do not include any additional expenses, such as the healthy meals and snacks you’ll need to purchase and prepare yourself.

Additionally, you may encounter other costs, such as shipping or coaching fees, depending on the specifics of the plan and the services you choose.

Final Verdict

In the end, Optavia offers a comprehensive weight loss system that addresses six key areas: eating and hydration, weight, motion, mind, sleep, and surroundings. The Optavia diet plan provides controlled portions of carbs, calories, and proteins, enabling you to keep your diet in check without the guesswork.

With meal replacements like shakes, bars, and pre-packaged meals, the diet aims to create a calorie deficit in order to help you lose weight effectivel. However, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting the program, as it may not be suitable for everyone.

While the high ratings for short-term weight loss may seem attractive, it’s crucial to keep in mind that long-term success ultimately depends on your commitment to making healthy lifestyle changes. Furthermore, consider the cost of the program, as it can be pricey, and assess if it suits your budget.

To sum up, Optavia can be beneficial for those seeking a structured, convenient solution for weight loss. However, it’s essential to take a personalized approach and consult your healthcare provider to ensure the program aligns with your unique needs and goals.


What are the main ingredients in Optavia products?

Optavia products tend to contain fiber as one of the main ingredients. Fiber is a carbohydrate found in plant foods and comes in two types: insoluble and soluble. It helps promote a feeling of fullness and supports digestion.

How does the Optavia diet work?

The Optavia diet works by creating a calorie deficit, which can lead to weight loss. You consume fewer calories than your body needs for energy, resulting in the burning of stored fat.

Is the Optavia diet effective for weight loss?

While the Optavia diet might help some individuals lose weight through reduced caloric intake, it is essential to remember that individual results may vary. It is always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet plan.


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