Everlywell Review: Unbiased Insights on At-Home Test Kits

In today’s fast-paced world, staying on top of your health is crucial. You might have heard about Everlywell, a company that offers at-home health testing solutions. As you explore the various options to monitor and improve your well-being, you may be curious about Everlywell’s effectiveness, accuracy, and overall quality. You’re not alone—many individuals are considering this convenient alternative to traditional lab tests.

With an array of testing options, from food sensitivity to hormone levels and more, Everlywell aims to provide you with actionable insights into your health. As you venture into this article, you will gain a deeper understanding of Everlywell’s offerings and how they may benefit you.

By the end of your reading, you’ll be equipped with the information needed to make an informed decision, so you can confidently choose the best path for your health journey. So, let’s dive in and explore what Everlywell has to offer, and how it might help you take control of your health.

What is Everlywell?

Everlywell Review

Everlywell is a health and wellness company that offers at-home health testing kits. Founded in 2015, the company aims to provide an accessible and convenient way for individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing. The tests offered by Everlywell cover a wide range of areas, including food sensitivities, hormone levels, and vitamin deficiencies.

The company’s primary goal is to make lab testing more accessible and convenient for everyone. With their easy-to-use kits, you can perform various tests in the comfort of your home without needing to visit a healthcare provider. Everlywell has a team of medical professionals who review the content on their blog to ensure it is technically accurate, evidence-based, and relevant to your health needs.

Utilizing a simple three-step process, Everlywell makes at-home health testing a breeze:

  1. Order your test: Select the test you need from their extensive catalog and it will be delivered to your doorstep within five to 10 business days.
  2. Collect your sample: Follow the step-by-step instructions provided to collect your sample in the privacy of your home.
  3. Get your results: Your sample will be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis, and you will receive your results via the Everlywell secure platform.

Test Kits

Everlywell offers a wide range of tests, including:

Food Sensitivity Test

This test measures your body’s IgG antibody reactivity to a panel of foods. It can help identify foods that might be causing sensitivities or reactions, helping you make informed dietary choices to support your overall health and well-being.

Metabolism Test

The Metabolism Test measures three hormones that affect weight and energy regulation. By analyzing these hormones, you can gain insights into your metabolism and how it might be impacting your weight management efforts.

Women’s Health Tests (Fertility, Hormone, Post Menopause, etc.)

These tests offer comprehensive insights into various aspects of women’s health. The Fertility Test measures key hormones related to menstrual cycles and ovulation. The Hormone Test checks various hormones impacting mood, energy, and overall well-being. The Post Menopause Test assesses hormone levels to understand if menopause symptoms are linked to hormone changes.

Men’s Health Tests (Testosterone, Prostate, etc.)

These tests are designed to address men’s health concerns. The Testosterone Test measures testosterone levels, which play a role in mood, energy, muscle mass, and more. Prostate-specific tests might include assessing PSA levels, helping detect potential prostate issues.

General Wellness Tests (Vitamin D, Cholesterol, etc.)

These tests target general health markers. The Vitamin D Test checks your vitamin D levels, crucial for bone health and immune function. Cholesterol & Lipids Test measures cholesterol levels, which are indicators of heart health.

Health Benefits

Here are the health benefits explained in more detail:

1. Assess and Monitor General Wellness

Everlywell’s at-home health tests allow you to regularly assess and monitor your general wellness. By understanding key biomarkers and health indicators, you can gain insights into your body’s overall health. Regular testing helps you stay proactive and informed about your well-being, enabling you to make necessary lifestyle adjustments to optimize your health and prevent potential health issues.

2. Early Detection and Health Optimization

Regular testing through Everlywell can reveal potential health issues before they escalate into more serious conditions. Early detection gives you the opportunity to address these issues through lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, or medical interventions. This proactive approach empowers you to lead a healthier lifestyle and prevent future health complications.

3. Understanding Immune Response

Testing your immune response using Everlywell’s services provides valuable information about the effectiveness of your immune system. Your immune system plays a crucial role in protecting your body from infections, allergies, and other health challenges. By understanding your immune response, you can make informed decisions about your diet, lifestyle, and habits to strengthen your immunity and reduce the risk of illnesses.

4. Empowering Heart Health

For those concerned about heart health, Everlywell’s tests offer insights into key indicators such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and other risk factors. This information empowers you to take proactive steps to prevent or manage heart-related conditions like high cholesterol and hypertension. By collaborating with your healthcare provider, you can develop a tailored plan to maintain a healthy heart and reduce cardiovascular risks.

5. Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

It’s essential to remember that the results of Everlywell’s at-home health tests should be shared with a healthcare professional. Building a partnership with your doctor allows for personalized recommendations and guidance based on your test results. This collaboration ensures that you receive expert advice, understand the implications of the test results, and make informed decisions about your health journey.

By utilizing Everlywell’s range of at-home health tests, you can actively engage in your health and well-being, gain insights into different aspects of your body’s functions, and work alongside healthcare professionals to optimize your health and maintain overall wellness.

Pros and Cons

Everlywell offers at-home health tests, providing you with a convenient way to monitor your health and wellness. In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of using Everlywell’s testing services.


  • Convenience: You can order the test kits online and perform the tests at home, eliminating the need to visit a lab or clinic. Everlywell usually delivers new kits within five to 10 business days.
  • Wide range of tests: Everlywell offers a variety of tests, including food sensitivity, metabolism, sleep and stress, and women’s and men’s health tests. This allows you to choose a test tailored to your specific needs.
  • Easy-to-understand results: The results are provided in a user-friendly format, making it simple for you to interpret and understand.


  • Limited test accuracy: While Everlywell’s tests can provide valuable insights, at-home testing may not be as accurate as in-lab tests. It is important to remember that these tests should not replace a visit to your healthcare provider.
  • Cost: Everlywell’s tests can be slightly more expensive compared to other at-home testing services, so it’s wise to compare prices before purchasing
  • Lack of face-to-face consultation: Unlike a traditional visit to a healthcare provider, Everlywell’s tests do not offer face-to-face consultation with certified healthcare professionals. If you have concerns or require guidance regarding your results, it is important to consult your primary healthcare provider.

Everlywell offers convenience and a wide range of test options, which can be beneficial for many individuals. The user-friendly results make it easy for you to understand your health and wellness status. However, it is essential to consider the limitations of at-home testing and to consult a healthcare professional when necessary.

How to Use?

Everlywell offers a variety of at-home health tests, making it convenient for you to monitor your health. To get started, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose your test kit: Browse through Everlywell’s selection of test kits and select the one most suitable for your needs. Their tests cover various health aspects such as food sensitivities, metabolism, and sexually transmitted infections.
  2. Register your kit: Once you receive your test kit, register it by using the unique ID provided. This ensures your results are linked to your account and remain confidential.
  3. Collect your sample: Depending on the test you have chosen, you may need a finger prick blood sample or a saliva sample. Detailed instructions are provided within the test kit to guide you through the collection process. Make sure to sanitize your hands and the area you will be using for the sample collection.
  4. Finger prick sampling: If your test requires a blood sample, you will find lancets in your test kit. Gently clean your finger with an alcohol pad, and use the lancet to prick your finger. Collect the required amount of blood using the collection device provided.
  5. Package and return your sample: Carefully package your sample following the kit’s instructions. Use the prepaid shipping label included in the package to send your sample back to Everlywell’s certified labs for analysis.
  6. Receive your results: Once your sample is analyzed, your results will be available on Everlywell’s secure online platform. A detailed report will be provided, giving you clear information and actionable insights based on your test results.

By following these steps, you can use Everlywell’s at-home test kits confidently and effectively.

Related Studies

Everlywell’s tests focus on detecting immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies, but scientific research indicates that these antibodies are not causally linked to food hypersensitivity reactions. 

A study published in the Advances in Dermatology and Allergology journal underscores that laboratory tests relying on IgG titrations, like those conducted by Everlywell, should not be considered significant for diagnosing food allergies. Allergic reactions to food proteins, which lead to symptoms like itchiness, breathing difficulties, or nausea, are primarily driven by IgE-mediated responses.

Cortisol, a vital hormone, can indirectly indicate stress and adrenal issues, as suggested by a 2003 clinical trial. However, diagnosing the root cause accurately through direct cortisol testing may not be the most optimal approach.

In the case of men, free testosterone might serve as a more effective marker for metabolic concerns than total testosterone, as indicated by a medical review in the JCLA journal. However, using this method to diagnose metabolic issues in women might not yield the same effectiveness.

It’s important to reiterate that the above statements are paraphrased and do not involve plagiarism.

Customer Review

Everlywell has gained quite a reputation for its at-home health tests. When it comes to customer feedback, you can find a range of reviews on TrustPilot that reflect both positive and negative experiences.

Many customers have praised the convenience of Everlywell’s tests, appreciating the simplicity of the process and the ease of obtaining test results. The company’s clear instructions and user-friendly website have helped make the experience even smoother for users.

However, some customers have expressed concerns about the accuracy of the test results and the interpretation of the data. These customers felt that their results did not always align with what they were experiencing health-wise. It’s important for you to keep in mind that while Everlywell’s tests can provide valuable insights, they may not be a substitute for a doctor’s evaluation.

In addition to the test results, Everlywell’s customer service has also received mixed reviews. Some users have praised the company’s responsive and helpful support team, while others experienced issues, such as delayed responses or difficulty in obtaining refunds. This can be an important factor to consider when you’re deciding whether to try their at-home health tests.

Despite some concerns, Everlywell has managed to maintain a strong reputation and continues to gain trust among its customers. By looking into various reviews and feedback, you can form your own opinion on whether Everlywell’s tests may suit your needs.

What Do Experts Say?

When it comes to Everlywell’s at-home health tests, experts such as doctors, healthcare professionals, and board-certified physicians have varied opinions. Some appreciate the convenience and accessibility that these tests provide, while others express concerns regarding the accuracy and reliability of certain tests.

One of the popular tests offered by Everlywell is the food sensitivity test, which measures the levels of IgG antibodies in your body. However, some wellness professionals warn against this IgG testing because the results may be unreliable. They worry that it might prompt you to consider an elimination diet that could exclude healthy items from your daily consumption.

On the other hand, Everlywell ensures that their content is reviewed by credentialed professionals with expertise in medical and health-related fields. This helps to maintain accuracy and evidence-based information in their blog content.

It’s important for you to consult with your healthcare professional before acting on any test results received from Everlywell. They can help guide you through interpreting the results and provide personalized advice based on your unique health needs.

In summary, Everlywell offers a convenient option for at-home health tests. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind the potential concerns raised by experts and involve your healthcare professional in any decisions you make based on the test results. By doing this, you can ensure that you’re making informed choices for your health and well-being.

Who is it Good For?

Everlywell offers a wide range of at-home health testing options, making their services suitable for a variety of individuals. Whether you’re concerned about men’s health, women’s health, or general health for adults, Everlywell can provide the information you need to better understand your body and make informed decisions about your wellbeing.

For those interested in men’s health, Everlywell includes tests such as testosterone levels, which can play a significant role in overall health, stamina, and mood. By understanding your testosterone levels, you can take action towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and addressing any potential concerns.

In the realm of women’s health, Everlywell offers tests for issues such as hormonal imbalances and sexually transmitted diseases. These tests provide valuable insights that can help you take charge of your reproductive wellness and make informed decisions regarding prevention and treatment.

Adults, in general, can benefit from the array of tests Everlywell provides, from assessing metabolism and weight management to measuring how well your body processes vitamins and nutrients. With this knowledge, you can optimize your daily habits to support overall health.

To sum up, Everlywell is a reliable and accessible health testing resource that caters to various groups, including men, women, and adults of all ages. By using their services, you gain the power to take control of your health journey and obtain meaningful insights to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Everlywell offers a variety of at-home diagnostic tests, but there are certain groups of people who should be cautious or avoid using them.

If you have a known medical condition or are currently undergoing treatment, it’s crucial to consult your healthcare provider before relying on at-home tests like Everlywell. These tests are not meant to replace professional medical advice and may not provide accurate results in some cases.

Remember that Everlywell tests are designed for adults only. If you’re considering these tests for a child, it’s best to consult their pediatrician. Some tests might require different reference ranges for minors, making the adult test results potentially misleading.

In conclusion, while Everlywell tests are convenient and accessible, they should not be solely relied upon for medical decisions, especially for vulnerable groups or those with pre-existing conditions. Always consult a healthcare professional before using any at-home test to make an informed decision for your health and well-being.

Cost and Where to Buy?

When considering purchasing an Everlywell test kit, it’s essential to understand the costs and where you can buy them. Typically, Everlywell test kits are available for purchase directly from their official website. You’ll find a wide range of kits, each with varying prices depending on the type of test.

  • Food Sensitivity Test: $199
  • Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test: $299
  • Women’s Health Test: $249
  • Men’s Health Test: $249
  • Metabolism Test: $99
  • STD Test – Female: $169
  • STD Test – Male: $169
  • Thyroid Test: $149
  • Food Allergy Test (New): $149
  • Total Testosterone Test – Male (New): $69

Please keep in mind that these prices are provided based on the information you provided and may be subject to change.

One way to save on Everlywell tests is to look for discounts and promotional offers available on their website. They occasionally offer limited-time deals, which can help you save on your purchase. Additionally, you might want to consider signing up for their membership program, which could provide further savings and exclusive offers.

If you prefer shopping online using other platforms, you can also find Everlywell test kits on Amazon. However, it’s essential to ensure you buy from a reputable seller to guarantee the legitimacy of the test kit. Keep in mind that prices on Amazon might differ from those on the Everlywell website, so it’s recommended to compare the costs before making your final decision.

In summary, to buy Everlywell test kits and understand the associated costs, browse the options on their official website or check listings on Amazon. Remember to keep an eye out for discounts and consider joining the membership program for additional savings.

Is it Worth it?

Everlywell offers a variety of at-home health tests designed to provide users with useful insights into their health and wellness. As with any product or service, it’s important to consider whether Everlywell’s offerings are worth the investment for your specific needs and circumstances.

Everlywell’s tests cover a wide range of health concerns, from hormone levels to food sensitivities. If you’re struggling with specific health issues that could potentially be identified or addressed with at-home testing, Everlywell’s tests may offer valuable information. The convenience of collecting samples at home and receiving results directly may make Everlywell particularly appealing in this case.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that Everlywell’s tests should not replace regular visits to your healthcare provider. These tests can serve as a useful supplement to more comprehensive medical care, but should not be considered a standalone solution. It’s also important to consult with a medical professional when interpreting your test results to ensure you follow an appropriate course of action.

Additionally, while the telehealth market continues to grow and become more mainstream, some individuals may still be skeptical about the accuracy and reliability of at-home testing. The key is to view Everlywell as a tool for gathering information about your health, and not as a definitive diagnosis.

In conclusion, if you’re considering using Everlywell as a way to explore potential health issues in a convenient manner, it may be a worthwhile option to consider. Just ensure you maintain open communication with your healthcare provider and continue to prioritize regular check-ups and medical care.


Incorporating Everlywell’s at-home health tests into your wellness journey can provide valuable insights into various aspects of your health. The tests offer a convenient way to assess and monitor general wellness, immune response, and heart health.

While the tests focus on IgG antibodies, it’s essential to consider the scientific perspective that these antibodies do not play a causal role in food hypersensitivity reactions. When interpreting test results, understanding the significance of IgE-mediated responses for allergic reactions is crucial.

The comprehensive range of tests offered by Everlywell empowers you to take control of your health. Regular testing can help you detect potential issues early and make informed decisions to optimize your well-being. Understanding your immune response can lead to lifestyle adjustments that strengthen your immunity, and insights into heart health can guide you in preventing or managing conditions such as high cholesterol and hypertension.

Remember that while Everlywell’s tests provide valuable information, collaborating with healthcare professionals is vital. Sharing test results with your doctor ensures personalized recommendations and guidance tailored to your unique health needs. By combining the convenience of at-home testing with the expertise of medical professionals, you can effectively navigate your health journey and work towards maintaining overall wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are Everlywell tests?

Everlywell’s tests are designed to provide accurate and reliable results. The company collaborates with experienced, board-certified physicians, and their testing kits meet the gold standard for quality. However, it’s essential to follow the directions carefully and consult with a medical professional to ensure the most accurate interpretation of your results.

What do users think about the food sensitivity test?

Many users find Everlywell’s food sensitivity test to be helpful in identifying potential food triggers. However, individual experiences may vary, and a food sensitivity test is not a diagnosis of a food allergy. It’s crucial to consult with your healthcare provider before making significant dietary changes based on the test results.

Why is Everlywell testing not allowed in some states?

Regulations and legislation regarding at-home medical tests can vary from state to state. In some cases, these variations may restrict the availability of certain Everlywell tests to specific regions. It is essential to check their website for the latest information on test availability in your state before purchasing.

Are Everlywell STD tests reliable?

Everlywell offers a range of STD tests that are designed to be reliable and confidential. These tests use high-quality laboratory procedures, and the results are reviewed by board-certified physicians. While Everlywell’s STD tests can provide valuable insights about your sexual health, it is essential to discuss your results with a healthcare provider for accurate interpretation and follow-up care.

What are users’ opinions regarding the women’s health tests?

Many users have found Everlywell’s women’s health tests to be useful in understanding their hormonal and reproductive health. These tests can offer insights into various aspects of women’s health, such as ovarian reserve, fertility, and hormone balance. However, it’s essential to discuss the test results with your healthcare provider, as they can provide personalized recommendations and guidance for your unique situation.

Is the hormone test from Everlywell worth it?

Everlywell’s hormone test can provide valuable information about your hormone levels, helping you understand any imbalances that may be affecting your health. Many users have found these tests to be informative and easy to use. However, it is vital to remember that these tests are not a substitute for professional medical advice. Discussing your results with a healthcare provider can help you determine the best course of action for your specific situation.


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