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Mung Bean Protein Isolate

Mung bean protein isolate is a plant-based protein derived from mung beans. It offers a high-quality protein alternative to traditional eggs, providing essential amino acids necessary for proper body function. This ingredient is valued by those seeking plant-based protein options.

Canola Oil

Canola oil is commonly used as a source of healthy fats in egg substitute products. It contributes to a rich and smooth texture while being low in saturated fats and high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Canola oil also adds a mild flavor and enhances the overall mouthfeel of the egg substitute.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric extract is often added to egg substitute products to provide a vibrant yellow color, reminiscent of scrambled eggs. This natural coloring agent is derived from the turmeric root and adds visual appeal to the egg substitute. Additionally, turmeric extract offers potential health benefits due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Salt is used to enhance the flavor and balance the overall taste profile of egg substitute products. It adds a savory element and helps to bring out the natural flavors of the other ingredients. Salt is used judiciously to ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable taste experience without overpowering the dish.

Onion Extract

Onion extract is occasionally included in egg substitute products to contribute to the savory flavor profile. It provides a subtle onion taste that complements various recipes, adding depth and complexity to the overall taste of the egg substitute.

Soy Protein

Soy protein, derived from soybeans, is a valuable source of plant-based protein commonly used in egg substitute products. It offers all essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Soy protein helps create a satisfying and nourishing egg substitute with a texture and consistency similar to traditional eggs.

Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is sometimes added to egg substitute products to impart a mild savory flavor. It enhances the overall taste profile and mimics the aromatic qualities of eggs. Garlic powder complements various recipes, contributing to the culinary experience.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum, a natural thickening agent, is frequently used in egg substitute products. It helps create a smooth and creamy texture while providing stability to the egg substitute. Xanthan gum also assists in emulsifying the ingredients, ensuring proper blending and preventing separation.

Black Salt (Kala Namak)

Black salt, also known as Kala Namak, is a type of rock salt often utilized to enhance the egg-like taste in egg substitute products. It boasts a distinctive sulfuric aroma and flavor reminiscent of traditional eggs. Black salt adds depth and complexity to the flavor profile, contributing to the overall authenticity of the egg substitute.


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