Odele Shampoo Review: Unraveling the Hair Care Sensation

You may have heard people buzzing about Odele, a shampoo brand that has hit the market, claiming to offer salon-quality hair care at an affordable price. With so many shampoos available, it’s natural to be a bit skeptical about whether Odele can deliver on its promises.

As a wise consumer, you might be wondering if these products can genuinely meet your hair care needs without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

While Odele touts its carefully crafted formulations and high-end performance, it’s crucial to examine the ingredients, efficacy, and user experience. Will it let you achieve that luscious and bouncy hair that you’ve always aspired for, without any side effects or hidden compromises?

Be sure to read on, where we’ll dive deeper into Odele shampoo reviews and put their claims to the test. Together, we’ll uncover whether this brand is worth your time or if it’s just another over-hyped product in the ever-growing world of hair care.

What is Odele Shampoo? 

Odele Shampoo Review

Odele shampoo is a hair-care product designed for a variety of hair types. This clean shampoo is formulated with high-quality ingredients, aiming to cleanse your hair without causing any irritations or harm.

The company behind the shampoo is Odele Beauty, a brand that focuses on creating premium, yet affordable, hair-care products. Their range of products includes shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids that cater to different hair concerns, such as dryness, frizz, and damage.


Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice

Derived from the aloe vera plant, this ingredient is often used for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. It’s known for its ability to hydrate and calm the skin, and it’s commonly used in skincare and haircare products.

Amaranthus caudatus seed extract

Extracted from the seeds of the Amaranthus caudatus, or love-lies-bleeding plant, this ingredient has skin-soothing and moisturizing properties. It is also said to have antimicrobial properties and may help accelerate wound healing.


This is a common ingredient in skincare and haircare products due to its potent moisturizing properties. It’s a humectant, meaning it can draw moisture from the air into the skin or hair, helping to keep it hydrated.


This term usually refers to a blend of essential oils, aromatic chemicals, and other ingredients used to give a product a particular scent. The specifics of a fragrance are often a closely held secret by companies and are not typically disclosed on product labels.


This is a preservative commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products. It is used to prevent the growth of bacteria and extend the shelf life of the product. While generally considered safe at low concentrations, there has been some controversy over potential health risks with high exposure.

Cetrimonium chloride

This is a type of quaternary ammonium salt. It’s commonly used in haircare products due to its conditioning and anti-static properties. It helps to detangle hair and reduce frizz, but can be irritating to skin and eyes at high concentrations.


This ingredient is often used as a skin-conditioning agent and preservative. It’s generally considered safe for use in cosmetics, but like all ingredients, it could potentially cause irritation in some individuals.

Health Benefits

Scalp soothing

The shampoo contains ingredients known to have soothing properties, such as aloe vera leaf juice. This means it can help calm irritated or inflamed skin on the scalp, creating a healthier environment for hair growth.


Ingredients like glycerin and aloe vera are well-known for their moisturizing properties. They can draw moisture into the hair and scalp, leaving the hair feeling softer, less dry, and more manageable.


The shampoo includes ingredients like Amaranthus caudatus seed extract, known to have skin-nourishing and anti-aging effects. This can potentially improve the overall health and appearance of the scalp and hair.

Detangling and frizz reduction

It also contains cetrimonium chloride, a compound that helps to reduce static and detangle hair. This can make hair easier to style and reduce the appearance of frizz.


As a clarifying shampoo, it is designed to remove product buildup and excess oils from the hair and scalp. This can leave the hair feeling clean and refreshed, and can potentially improve scalp health and hair appearance.

Potential health concerns

Despite these potential benefits, some ingredients in the shampoo have been associated with health concerns, such as the synthetic preservative phenoxyethanol and fragrances. While these are generally considered safe in the small quantities found in personal care products, individuals with sensitive skin or certain allergies may wish to avoid them.

Pros and Cons


  • Sulfate-free. One of the primary benefits of Odele shampoo is that it is sulfate-free. Sulfates can be harsh on your hair, stripping it of its natural oils. By choosing a shampoo without sulfates, you’re treating your hair with a gentler alternative that helps maintain its moisture and health.
  • Suitable for all hair types. Odele shampoo is designed to work well with various hair types. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or tightly coiled hair, you can comfortably use this shampoo, knowing it is formulated to cater to your specific needs. This versatility is a significant advantage for any hair care product.
  • Promotes hair health. Odele shampoo contains beneficial ingredients that aim to improve your hair’s health. The shampoo works to cleanse your hair without causing harm or disrupting its natural moisture balance. As a result, you can expect shiny, healthy, and well-nourished hair.


  • Limited availability. While Odele shampoo is gaining popularity, it might not be readily available at all stores or online retailers. This limited availability might make it challenging for you to consistently incorporate it into your hair care routine.
  • Might not suitable for specific scalp conditions. Although Odele shampoo has a gentle formula, it might not be the best choice for people with specific scalp conditions like dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. In such cases, specialized shampoos designed to address these issues would be more appropriate.

When selecting a shampoo, it’s essential to consider your hair type, any particular hair or scalp issues, and the ingredients in the product. Odele shampoo offers several health benefits, being sulfate-free and suitable for various hair types. However, be sure to take its limited availability and suitability for specific scalp conditions into account.

How to Use?

Odele shampoo and conditioner are designed to provide a smooth and radiant look to your hair. To get the best results, follow these steps:

  1. Wet your hair. Thoroughly wet your hair before applying the Odele smoothing shampoo.
  2. Apply shampoo. Use a small amount of the smoothing shampoo, and gently massage it onto your scalp and throughout the length of your hair. Work the shampoo into a rich lather.
  3. Rinse and repeat. Rinse the shampoo completely from your hair. If needed, repeat step 2 to ensure your hair is fully cleansed.
  4. Condition. After shampooing, apply the Odele smoothing conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Be sure to avoid applying conditioner directly to your scalp, as it can cause buildup.
  5. Rinse. Allow the conditioner to sit for a few minutes to absorb the moisturizing benefits, then rinse it thoroughly from your hair.
  6. Style as desired. After using the Odele smoothing shampoo and conditioner, your hair should be more manageable and ready for your desired styling.

Related Studies

Research suggests that Odele Clarifying Shampoo includes several ingredients with potential benefits for scalp health and skin condition. A study published in Molecules highlighted the topical anti-inflammatory and skin-healing properties of aloe vera leaf juice.

The shampoo also contains Amaranthus caudatus seed extract, which, according to a 2022 medical review, is recognized for its ability to moisturize, soothe irritation, hasten wound healing, and offer antimicrobial benefits. This extract is additionally lauded for nourishing the skin and providing anti-aging effects.

While the Odele Clarifying Shampoo contains these beneficial elements that can enhance scalp health and skin quality, it’s important to note that there are no identified ingredients within its formula that are proven to directly enhance hair quality.

It’s also crucial to mention some components that may raise health concerns. The shampoo contains a fragrance, an addition that, despite the manufacturer’s claims of it being derived from botanical essential oils, we advise caution towards. 

A review published in the Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health journal strongly implies that everyday fragranced products may pose significant risks to human health, environmental quality, businesses, and society. Without a comprehensive list of the exact chemical compounds used in this fragrance, it’s difficult to fully endorse it.

The shampoo also includes the synthetic preservative phenoxyethanol, which a clinical trial found to potentially be toxic to human cells. It additionally incorporates two other preservatives, cetrimonium chloride and ethylhexylglycerin.

Customer Review

During your search for the perfect shampoo, you might have come across Odele. As you explore the various customer reviews, you’ll notice that this shampoo has gained popularity due to its effectiveness and pleasant smell.

Many users appreciate that Odele shampoo is sulfate-free, which helps maintain the natural oils in your hair, promoting a healthier scalp. This feature is highly beneficial for those with sensitive skin or a dry scalp. As you use Odele shampoo, you’ll find that it lathers well, despite being sulfate-free, making your hair-cleansing ritual enjoyable.

You can’t ignore the reviews surrounding the delightful fragrance that Odele shampoo offers. Imagine running your fingers through your soft, freshly-washed hair and being greeted by a refreshing, light scent. Users report that the smell is not overpowering but does linger in a pleasant way. It adds a subtle touch of luxury to your everyday hair care routine.

In addition to the delightful scent and sulfate-free formula, customers also appreciate Odele’s commitment to using clean, vegan ingredients. The brand focuses on providing high-quality products without any harsh chemicals, making it a great choice for you and your family.

To sum it up, when you opt for Odele shampoo, you’re not only investing in a product that can improve your hair’s health, but also one that keeps your hair smelling lovely. As you try the shampoo for yourself, don’t be surprised if you agree with the multitude of positive reviews from other satisfied customers!

What Do Experts Say

While Odele shampoo is regarded as a healthier choice compared to many conventional drugstore shampoos, some experts express reservations due to the inclusion of certain additive ingredients. Specifically, the presence of fragrance and synthetic preservatives in their formulations raises concerns.

From a health standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to opt for a shampoo containing potentially questionable ingredients like fragrance and preservatives when there are viable alternatives available that do not include these categories of ingredients. The concern arises from studies that have linked artificial fragrances and certain preservatives to potential health and environmental issues.

It’s worth noting that these ingredients are commonly found in many personal care products and are generally considered safe in the quantities used. However, individuals with sensitive skin, allergies, or those who simply prefer more natural formulations might wish to seek out those alternatives.

The overall consensus among these experts is that while Odele shampoo could be a step up from many standard shampoos, the presence of fragrance and synthetic preservatives means there may be healthier options available for those seeking the most natural and gentle hair care products.

As always, it’s important to choose products that align with your personal preferences, health considerations, and hair care needs.

Who Is It Good For?

Odele shampoo, with its nourishing and hydrating properties, is a great choice for those with various hair types. If you have dry hair, you’ll find this shampoo beneficial as it helps to restore and lock in moisture, keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy.

For individuals with curly or wavy hair, Odele shampoo can assist in defining your curls and reducing frizz, thanks to its gentle and sulfate-free formula. This means that your natural curl pattern will be preserved, leaving your hair smooth and manageable.

If your hair is fine or thin, Odele shampoo can provide a gentle cleanse without weighing your hair down. The lightweight formula ensures that your hair retains its volume while still receiving the right amount of hydration and care it needs.

When it comes to color-treated hair, Odele shampoo is a good option because it’s free from harsh chemicals that can strip away the color. This ensures that your hair color remains vibrant for a longer period of time.

In summary, Odele shampoo is a versatile product that caters to various hair types and conditions. Whether you’re dealing with dry hair, curly or wavy hair, fine or thin hair, or color-treated hair, this shampoo can provide the gentle and effective cleanse your hair needs while maintaining its health and appearance.

Who Should Avoid It?

Odele shampoo is a popular choice for many people, but it might not be suitable for everyone. If you have specific hair concerns or sensitivities, it’s essential to consider whether this product is the best fit for you.

  • If you have sensitive skin or scalp. Sulfates may cause itchiness, redness, or irritation for those with sensitive skin. So if you have a history of allergies or sensitivities to shampoo ingredients, it is wise to avoid products containing sulfates, including some varieties of Odele shampoo.
  • For color-treated or chemically processed hair. Sulfate-free shampoos are often recommended for those who have color-treated or chemically processed hair, as sulfates can cause fading and damage to the hair. Opting for a sulfate-free Odele shampoo variant may better suit your needs in these cases.
  • If you have very dry or frizzy hair. Sulfates can exacerbate dryness, leading to frizz and breakage. If you struggle with dry or frizzy hair, consider using a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo to maintain your hair’s natural moisture balance.

To sum up, it’s essential to assess your personal hair care needs and sensitivities before choosing any shampoo, including Odele. By selecting the appropriate product, you can prevent potential adverse effects on your scalp and hair health and maintain your hair’s vitality.


If you’re looking for natural alternatives to Odele Clarifying Shampoo, you may want to consider shampoos that prioritize organic and natural ingredients and minimize the use of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and other potentially irritating substances.

As of my last update in September 2021, some popular brands that focus on natural ingredients include:

  • Avalon Organics. This brand offers a variety of shampoos, many of which are made with organic ingredients and free from synthetic colors, fragrances, and sulfates.
  • Alaffia: Alaffia products are ethically sourced and made with natural, fair-trade ingredients. Their shampoos come in different varieties for various hair needs.
  • SheaMoisture. SheaMoisture shampoos use natural and certified organic ingredients and are free from harmful substances like parabens and phthalates.
  • Acure. Acure produces hair care products that are vegan, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. They focus on plant and food-based ingredients.
  • Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees offers sulfate-free shampoos with natural ingredients. They’re a well-known brand in the natural products industry.
  • Dr. Bronner’s. Known for their castile soap, Dr. Bronner’s also makes hair care products. They focus on organic and fair-trade ingredients.

Remember to always check the ingredient list to ensure the product meets your personal needs and preferences. Also, consider consulting a dermatologist or a hair care professional if you have any specific concerns or conditions. Please note that the effectiveness of a product can vary depending on individual hair type and scalp condition.

Cost and Where to Buy

The Odele Smoothing Shampoo is priced at $11.99. This shampoo is aimed at providing extra moisture, frizz control, and shine, according to the product description.

As for where to buy it, Odele products can typically be found at various online and physical retailers.

  1. Odele’s Official Website. Buying directly from the manufacturer is often a reliable way to ensure you’re getting a genuine product.
  2. Amazon. Odele products are often available on Amazon. Remember to purchase from reputable sellers to ensure product authenticity.
  3. Retail stores. Large chain stores, like Target, may carry Odele products in their beauty and personal care sections. Availability can vary depending on the location and store inventory.
  4. Online beauty and personal care retailers. Websites that specialize in beauty and personal care products


When considering whether Odèle shampoo is worth trying, there are a few aspects to take into account. First and foremost, consider the fragrance of the product. Odèle shampoo is known for its pleasant and appealing scent, which might enhance your hair-washing experience and leave your hair smelling fresh and clean.

Another significant factor is how the shampoo makes your hair feel. After using Odèle shampoo, you can expect your hair to be softer than it would be after using traditional shampoos. Experience the satisfaction of running your fingers through your silky smooth hair, which can make styling and detangling much easier.

As for the appearance of your hair, Odèle shampoo is often praised for leaving hair shiny and healthier-looking. The shampoo adds a natural gloss to your locks, making them look vibrant and full of life. This is particularly beneficial if you have dull or lackluster hair.

It’s also essential to pay attention to the ingredients in the shampoo, as Odèle sticks to a clean formulation that avoids harsh chemicals and allergens. This means that the product may be suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergy concerns.


How does Odele shampoo work for different hair types?

Odele shampoo is designed to cater to a variety of hair types, including dry, oily, and normal hair. They offer specialized formulas for each hair type, so you can choose the one that works best for your specific needs. Make sure to read the labels carefully to identify the right shampoo.

Are Odele shampoos free of harsh chemicals?

Yes, Odele shampoos are free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, and other harsh chemicals commonly found in traditional shampoos. They use gentle and natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish your hair without causing any harm or irritation.

Can I use Odele shampoo on color-treated hair?

Absolutely! Odele shampoos are safe for color-treated hair, as they don’t contain sulfates that can strip away the color. Moreover, their gentle formula ensures that your hair color is preserved, maintaining its vibrancy and shine for a longer duration.

How often should I use Odele shampoo?

The frequency of using Odele shampoo depends on your hair type and personal preference. For most people, washing their hair with Odele shampoo 2-3 times a week should suffice. However, if your hair is particularly oily or if you have an active lifestyle, you might need to wash your hair more often.

Where can I purchase Odele shampoo?

Odele shampoo can be found in various online and brick-and-mortar stores. Some popular options include their official website, Amazon, and major retail chains like Target. Make sure to compare prices and check for discounts or promotions to get the best deal on your purchase.

Remember to follow the instructions on the product label for the best results and take into account your specific hair type and needs before making a decision. Happy shampooing!


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