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Our product

Get fast access to the most accurate and diverse types of cancer models

  • We connect researchers with a global network of over 100 CROs, big and small. Speed up your searches by connecting with unknown vendors.

  • Our scientists provide validated results in under a month, delivering as many as 40 models matching your requirements and a bioinformatics report explaining our methodology.

  • You also get direct access to an online directory of over 8,000 models from all over the world. Search by primary site, model type, gene mutation, treatment response, and more.

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“Most importantly we expect that with the creation of this global database we will regroup multiple partners, we will be able to improve quality of the research we are doing to provide further patient benefits.”

Top 20 Biopharma, Senior Scientist

Our growing directory includes nine model types

Patient-Derived Xenografts (PDX)

Patient-derived xenografts are created by using tumor fragments from cancer patients, directly transplated into immunodeficient mice.

Mini PDX

Mini PDX models provide reduced complexity and faster result turn-around using patient-derived tumor fragments transplanted into mice.

Cell lines

Cell lines are in vitro models that, under the right conditions, retain most of the genetic properties of the cancer of origin.

Cell Line-Derived Xenografts (CDX)

CDX is an in vivo model using cultured cell lines that are later implanted into mouse models.

Fruit Fly Avatar

“Avatars” are genetically engineered flies that have the same mutation as human tumor.


Syngenic tumor mouse models are allografts from mouse cancer cell lines, which are then engrafted into the same inbred mouse strain.


Chemically induced cancer models use carcinogenic chemicals to induce tumour growth in a mouse. These chemicals are known or thought to be carcinogenic in humans.


Organoids are three-dimensional cellular clusters derived from specific stem cells that mimic in vivo tumor characteristics.

Genetically Engineered Mouse Models

GEMMs closely mimic histopathological and molecular features of their human counterparts. They develop de novo tumours in a natural microenvironment.


We will help you to find the right preclinical cancer models.

  • Save months on each search
  • Reach beyond known vendors
  • Choose the right model from a list of best matches
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Join our global network of contract research organisations.

  • Harmonised directory to showcase your models
  • Fast and accurate matching with researchers
  • Latest insight into the needs of biopharmas
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How are you helping researchers find models and CRO partners?

Our bioinformaticians and molecular biologists have curated the metadata for 8000+ cancer models.

Our world-leading directory currently contains preclinical models from 25 CRO partners with years of expertise and experience working in oncology. And we have an extended network that contains 200+ CROs with a combined total of 20,000+ models, which we can also search on your behalf.

Once you’ve identified a model of interest via either our Cancer Models Scout service or Cancer Models Platform, we’ll put you in touch with your chosen CRO(s) for further discussion - but don't worry, there is no obligation to start a project with the CRO(s) we connect you with.

How many CROs are in your partner network?

As of April 2021 we have partnered with 25 CROs from across the globe. And we have an extended partner network that contains 200+ CROs, which we can also search on your behalf.

All of our CRO partners offer outsourced cancer model experiments and associated services for researchers, and many are specialised in specific cancer types or particular modelling techniques

Can I arrange a demo of your platform or see a sample report for your Cancer Models Scout service?

Of course! You can book a demo in just a few minutes.

We also made an example Cancer Models Scout search report available for download.

What data is available in your directory?

Our directory contains metadata describing a model’s:

  • Characteristics (e.g. tumour origin, cancer subtype, model type, growth rate, response to standard of care, etc.)
  • Clinical information (e.g. primary, metastasis, patient treatment, treatment response, etc.)
  • Molecular profile (e.g. point mutations, copy number variations, amplifications, fusions, gene expression)

What is the pricing for your Cancer Models Platform and Cancer Models Scout service?

Whether you need a one-off search or to regularly source cancer models, we’ve got a solution to suit your needs. That’s why we offer our services on an individual basis via bespoke subscription packages, which include both our Cancer Models Scout and online access to the Cancer Models Platform. Book a demo to learn more.

Do you vet your CRO partners?

To ensure the quality of the providers in our directory, the majority of our CRO partners have come highly recommended to us by biopharma customers. However, we also visit each CRO’s site as part of collecting data about their models and services to ensure your project is in safe hands. All business travel is currently on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ll shortly be displaying CRO accreditations directly via our platform as we appreciate how important this is when selecting a new CRO to work with.

However, if there is any specific information you require that is not yet displayed on our platform, just get in touch at and we’ll do our best to seek it out.

What is your animal welfare policy for the partner CROs?

Repositive works with a variety of vendors, and our priority is to be open with our researchers. The well-being and ethical treatment of all the animals that are involved in research are critical. In the spirit of the 3Rs (Replacement, Refinement, Reduction) of animal use in scientific research, we have asked all of our partners to provide us with written information on the accreditation, source of animals and presence of an in-house licensed veterinarian.

What are your privacy and confidentiality policies?

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Repositive founder Fiona Nielsen accepting the Digital Health Champion 2018 award on stage

International recognition

We have been crowned as the Digital Health Champion 2018 by the European Super Angels Club (ESAC).

  • Fastest model search service on the market

    We deliver validated models in under a month. This process usually takes 3-12 months using alternative methods.

  • As many as 40 model matches per request

    You get more models than ever with our bespoke search among a global network of over 100 CROs.

  • Dedicated bioinformatics support

    Every report comes with a detailed bioinformatics report to explain why the results are the best match for your requirements.

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Cookies on our website

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