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Posted by Justyna, February 2020

Repositive presents drug treatment filters on Cancer Model Platform

Welcoming new data on drug treatment on our Cancer Model Platform

We are proud to present our new drug treatment search functionality on the Cancer Model Platform. This is a first version of a feature that allows pharma and biotech scientists to search Repositive’s cancer model directory by their drug treatment of interest and the response. This functionality allows the researchers to ensure they source a cancer model with the right drug response profile for their preclinical study. The Repositive cancer model directory currently catalogues more than 5000 models from 21 specialist preclinical oncology CRO partners across the world.

There is a growing interest of researchers in biopharma and biotech that are looking for in-depth knowledge on pre-clinical cancer models before making decisions on project planning and potential outsourcing of experiments . This applies specially to sourcing a model with specific molecular and genomic characteristics. At the ELRIG conference in November 2019 we launched the gene filter on our platform allowing researchers to filter the models on our platform by gene of interest. Since then, we have collated statistics from the total requests we have received to date, to identify which pieces of information would be most impactful for informing the choice of model.

Treatment data trends

Treatment data

We analysed hundreds of requests for cancer models from our biopharma partners. We found that around 40% of our requests required drug data information. Often a combination of both a gene of interest and a drug treatment/response was required. Seeing the need and the interest for clinical information regarding listed models, our product development team decided to gather, curate and standardize the recist drug treatment data from our CRO partner network and add the drug treatment search filter to our online platform.

Treatment filter functionality

The Repositive online platform displays cancer models listed by our world-wide partner CROs and allows the use of easy-to-use filtering tools to narrow down your search and compare the characteristics of different models. The newest platform feature, the drug treatment filter, allows you to browse through more than 2633 RECIST-standardised drug treatment data points. Filtering for drug treatment can be done by choosing type of drug treatment from a dropdown menu and it can be supplemented by a choice of treatment response. Once you find the model of interest, you can display the type of treatment that has been used, recipient (i.e. model vs patient) and response. Displayed model of interest will show you all of the other treatment types the model have been exposed to, including combination treatment.

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