Posted by Craig, December 2016

How to get a 'limited edition' Repositive Christmas jumper

'Tis the season of giving... and to celebrate our 2nd Christmas as a team, I have decided to get designed and printed some super cool limited edition Repositive Christmas jumpers.

Why? Well, everyone loves Liz, our lizard. She is everywhere... on our website, platform, notebooks, presentations, T-shirts and videos. We love her and we are so pleased to see and hear that our users and followers also love her. So, we took our love of Liz, and everyone's love of tacky Christmas jumpers, and created this...


How to get a Repositive Christmas jumper?

We have printed 24 Christmas jumpers and we are giving away 2 of them every day from 1st December until 12th December.

All you have to do is this:

1. Refer a friend or colleague to Repositive. This can be done verbally, via email, twitter... you can even tell them in a Christmas Card!

2. Get your friend to tell us who referred them. All new sign ups are first asked to create a FREE account.

Upon completion, they will be presented an OPTIONAL additional survey.

Question 4 of this form asks 'Where did you hear about us?' For this question, the new user simply needs to add your name. Don't worry, we will find you!

3. Both you and your friend will be automatically entered into the draw. Your entries are tied, meaning that 1 pair is drawn per day and if your friend wins, so do you.

4. We will email you both asking for your preferred jumper size and postal address. You will not need to pay any postage costs.

There are no limits on the number of entries you can have & chances to win! Every person you refer who successfully joins the platform is another entry to the competition. Meaning if you refer 10 new users, you have 10 entries and are 10 times more likely to win!

liz in her christmas jumper-1

Don't forget to tell your friends that sign up is free: https://discover.repositive.io/users/signup

If you have any questions or need any help email craig@repositive.io or ==leave a comment below==

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