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September 2016

Repositive makes new Chinese data available

New data release is first in Repositive’s Specialised Data Collections

Cambridge, 8 September 2016 ... Repositive, a software company developing novel tools to improve access to human genomic research data, has launched a new collection of Chinese genomic datasets. The launch of the Chinese data also marks the initiation of Repositive’s Specialised data collections, which will see additional specific datasets added over time to serve key research data requirements.

The newly launched Chinese data was collected as part of Repositive’s ongoing mission to make data as easily accessible as possible, and ensure that scientists can access the data required for any genomic research project. Repositive has developed its Specialised collections, in response to feedback from the users of its platform and the broader scientific community, and these collections will see a range of new data being added on a regular basis.

View the Chinese Control Data collection

Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Repositive said:

“China is rapidly growing in importance for the life sciences community. Not only is it becoming an important market, but as Chinese research grows, there is an increasing need for Chinese control data. Much of the scientific data collected historically has been from European or US populations. This may not be ideal for different communities due to genetic differences between the populations but, with the Chinese data, it may now be possible to conduct genomic research on specific populations.”

Repositive’s Specialised collections will be expanded with a series of new datasets over the upcoming months. These include microbiome, PDX and methylation data, which will be announced as they become available. All the specialised collections can be found and browsed via the free Repositive platform on

This latest news builds on a number of other key developments during 2016. The company has raised additional seed funding of £500,000, secured a partnership with Xpressomics, AstraZeneca and won the Pistoia Alliance inaugural President’s Start Up Challenge. At the same time, the company has expanded its team, and launched a full version of the Repositive platform earlier this month.

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