Press Release

May 2017

Repositive to launch Personal Genome Project data collection

New PGP Data Collection to Be Unveiled at ESHG

Cambridge, 26 May 2017 Repositive, the company that created the world’s largest portal for accessing human genomic research data, is expanding the range of data available with the launch of a Specialist Data Collection for the Personal Genome Project. The new PGP Collection will be formally unveiled at Repositive’s satellite symposium Finding and Accessing Human Genomic Data, which will be held at EHSG on the 28th May in Copenhagen.

The latest addition to Repositive’s Specialist Data Collections will see all of the data collected for the Personal Genome Project available in one place, combining data currently held in the US, UK, and Austria. \n\nThe Personal Genome Project is a study which aims to sequence and analyse the genomes and medical records of 100,000 volunteers globally. It contains large amounts of genomic data including whole genome sequencing, methylation analysis and RNA-Seq. \n\nThe new PGP Specialist Data Collection adds to Repositive’s series of community led data collections which include Autism, Microbiome, Personal Genomes, Population and Methylation data collections.

Manuel Corpas, Scientific Lead at Repositive, said: “I am delighted to be able to launch this new data collection. I have long had a very strong personal interest in the Personal Genome Project, and making data collections such as this more widely findable, will be crucial to improving our access to key reference datasets for biomedical research.”

Fiona Nielsen, CEO of Repositive, added: “The Repositive Specialist Data Collections are already proving to be of significant benefit to many researchers. By collecting hard to find data in one place, we can ensure that researchers are able to quickly and easily find the data they need. I am delighted to be working with PGP to ensure this data will be easily accessible as I believe it will be of significant value to our growing community of users.”