Find the right preclinical cancer model and CRO partner for your next project

Through our world-leading preclinical cancer models directory and CRO partner network, we can connect you with the right cancer model for your research.

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Cancer Models Scout


For researchers looking to explore cancer indications and model types from CROs around the world

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For researchers regularly searching and comparing data for cancer models from different CROs

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For researchers wanting a comprehensive search or expert support with finding a specific model

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Tailored searches according to your needs: molecular profiles, drug resistance, CRO services, etc.

Bioinformatics support to conduct complex molecular searches: e.g. multiple genes, gene amplification, CNV, gene expression comparison, etc.

Comprehensive search report of model matches across 200+ CROs with 20,000+ models

Connect with a CRO whenever you are ready

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you helping researchers find models and CRO partners?

To help pharma, biotech and academic researchers easily search, compare and source preclinical cancer models offered by CROs around the world, our bioinformaticians and molecular biologists have curated the metadata for 6,500+ cancer models.

Our world-leading directory currently contains 6,500+ preclinical models from 21 CRO partners with expertise and years of experience working in oncology. And we have an extended network that contains 200+ CROs with a combined total of 20,000+ models, which we can also search on your behalf.

Once you’ve identified a model of interest via either our Cancer Models Scout service or Cancer Models Platform, we’ll put you in touch with your chosen CRO(s) for further discussion - but don't worry, there is no obligation to start a project with the CRO(s) we connect you with.

What is the pricing for your Cancer Models Platform and Cancer Models Scout service?

Whether you need a one-off search or regularly source cancer models, we’ve got a solution to suit your needs. That’s why we offer our services on an individual project basis via our Cancer Models Scout and as an online subscription service to our Cancer Models Platform.

For an overview of our different solutions and the pricing options, please refer to the table above or get in touch with our sales team at for more information.

Can I arrange a demo of your platform or see a sample report for your Cancer Models Scout service?

Of course! Click here to download an example Cancer Models Scout search report.

If you’re interested in seeing a demo of our Cancer Models Platform, just reach out to us at or watch a demo for the Cancer Model Platform .

What data is available in your directory?

Our directory contains metadata describing a model’s:

  • Characteristics (e.g. tumour origin, cancer subtype, model type, growth rate, response to standard of care, etc.)
  • Clinical information (e.g. primary, metastasis, patient treatment, treatment response, etc.)
  • Molecular profile (e.g. point mutations, copy number variations, amplifications, fusions, gene expression).
How many CROs are in your partner network?

As of June 2020 we’ve partnered with 21 CROs from across the globe with expertise and years of experience in preclinical oncology. And we have an extended partner network that contains 200+ CROs, which we can also search on your behalf.

All of our CRO partners offer outsourced cancer model experiments and associated services for researchers, and many are specialised in specific cancer types or particular modelling techniques.

Do you vet your CRO partners?

To ensure the quality of the providers in our directory, the majority of our CRO partners have come highly recommended to us by biopharma customers. However, we also visit each CRO’s site as part of collecting data about their models and services to ensure your project is in safe hands.

We’ll shortly be displaying CRO accreditations directly via our platform as we appreciate how important this is when selecting a new CRO to work with. However, if there is any specific information you require that is not yet displayed on our platform, just get in touch at and we’ll do our best to seek it out.

What are your privacy and confidentiality policies?

Please see our Trust Centre for full details of our:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Confidentiality Undertaking
  • Data Storage & Compliance
  • Cookie Policy
  • Website Terms of Use
  • Service Support Policy

Quick and easy model searching

We make model searching hassle-free so you can spend more time focusing on your research.

The latest models and specialist CROs at your fingertips

Connect with CROs around the world and access new models and technologies in one place.

Confidence in your model selection

Our independent experts collect all the data you need to make an informed decision.

What our customers say about us

I was not aware of these models. You also provided me with details of the bioinformatics work, this is rarely clear.

It has been very useful to understand what models are out there, which is especially important when planning projects and budgets. Having access to smaller companies, which we never knew existed, is truly invaluable and Repositive’s support throughout has been very professional.

The quality of the report is good, the matching ranking and confidence level is the same as I would have done, I like the level of detail of on mutation type and variant.