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Discover is a free application designed to speed up research. It opens access to huge amounts of data from repositories and researchers. Then helps you keep track of the data you’re interested in, work with others to improve the metadata and get feedback on your data too.

Transforming US research with the NIH Data Commons

We are the only commercial and non-US provider of genomic metadata search for the NIH (National Institutes of Health) Data Commons. This cross-disciplinary initiative will increase access to usable genomic data and accelerate biomedical research. At its core, its goal is to make data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR).

We're part of the Data Commons Pilot Phase Consortium

Agreement nos. 1 OT3 OD025463 01 and 3 OT3 OD025463 01S1

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Take research in a new direction

Speed up your findings

Search through an ever-growing amount of data and find just what you need, thanks to standardised metadata and formatting.

Grow your profile

Add descriptions, make suggestions and share ideas. (It’s a great way to make connections and find collaborators too.)

Get more value from your data

List your data and help others avoid duplication, as well as support new findings. You’ll learn how it’s used and ways to share it more effectively.

Favourite and follow

Save datasets and be notified of new updates and annotations.

Annotate and edit

Add details and metadata to help others understand data quality, type and uses.

Develop and program

Use our API to build open access search into your application.

Indexing the GigaDB repository on Repositive was a no-brainer to help boost its findability and accessibility.

By better connecting our datasets with users across the world, we’re maximising data re-use.

Scott Edmunds PhD

Executive Editor, GigaScience

Learning from each other

We want to make it quicker and easier to test hypotheses and develop new treatments. That’s why our application is free to use. So you can find and share data, make connections and even kick off new collaborations.

I recently used Repositive to access the Chinese Kadoori Project dataset. This not only enabled me to access their data and learn their protocols, it also made it easy for me to apply for and establish mutual collaboration with the researchers.

Dr Arindam Basu

Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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