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For researchers

We connect preclinical scientists with the right cancer models. Our bespoke approach makes model searching hassle‑free so you can spend more time focusing on your research.

Bespoke cancer model search in under a month

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Preclinical cancer models at your fingertips

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Search beyond known vendors

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Stay up to date with the latest technology

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Preclinical cancer models at your fingertips

Meet the world’s largest directory of cancer models, the beta Cancer Models Platform (CMP).

  • Direct and instant access to over 8,000 models online

  • Search by primary site, model type, gene mutation, treatment response, and more

  • 25 verified Contract Research Organisations and model vendors

open cancer models platform

Search beyond known vendors

The Cancer Model Scout service enables you to connect with vendors that would take months to find using the traditional approach. CMS can more than double your internal databse, allowing you to choose the right cancer model faster than ever - even if it’s an uncommon model.

“Having access to smaller companies, which we never knew existed, is truly invaluable and Repositive’s support throughout has been very professional.”
Researcher in a top 20 biopharma

Stay up to date with the latest technology

Our bespoke, human-centric approach is enhanced by the latest technology. We constantly improve our platform to bring you better results, faster. The metadata is standardised across all models to help you quickly discover, assess and compare results.

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Case 1: Expand the indications for an already approved drug

A top20 biopharma researcher made a request to search for lung PDX models with an exon-specific mutation in a tyrosine kinase receptor. Our report included 43 new, matching models - more than they’ve gathered over the course of three years.

Case 2: Find the right model faster – speed up translational results

A top20 biopharma researcher was looking for a PDX model from NSCLC tissue with a specific genomic rearrangement in a specific exon of a gene of interest. The researcher and their team had been searching for a PDX model to match these criteria for 2 years with no success.

Case 3: Save time assessing molecular data – for all vendors

A top20 biopharma researcher was seeking to run a mouse clinical trial for PDX models matching specific molecular characteristics based on a gene panel of 15 genes. With the Repositive platform solution all available raw molecular data has been collected, curated, processed and analysed, with confidence in the standardised data analysis.

How does it work?

Book a personalised demo

Get a detailed preview of our report, learn more about our collaboration and help us choose the right subscription for your organisation.

Tell us what you need

Describe your model requirements - the model type, primary site, subtype, gene mutation, treatment and response.

We search for models

The team will take 2-4 weeks to analyse our global directory to find every model that matches your requirements.

You get our bioinformatics support

The bioinformatics team will compile a report to explain the methodology of your search and why the selected models are the best match.

We supply the matching cancer model data

We will guide you through the report of all the models we have found for you and supply the relevant documentation.

You choose the right cancer model

Your scientists have the final say. Ask for more information about a specific model, or pick a model and we will connect you directly to the CRO.

We will help you to find the right preclinical cancer models

  • Save months with every search request
  • Reach beyond known cancer model vendors
  • Choose the right model from a list of best matches

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