Terms & Policies

Repositive Host Information

The Repositive Cancer Models Platform is hosted on secure servers leased by Repositive and provided by Google Cloud. For further information on Google Cloud please visit https://cloud.google.com. The availability offered by Google Cloud for the Platform is as stated in https://cloud.google.com/terms. Repositive shall use reasonable endeavours to make the Platform available to the full extent of the availability offered by Google Cloud, and to avoid disruptions in accordance with our Service Support Policy.

Privacy Policy


  1. These Terms of Use reflect REPOSITIVE's commitment to providing high-quality online services, databases and software.
  2. REPOSITIVE expects attribution (e.g. in publications, services or products) for any of its online services, databases or software. The expected attribution will be indicated in the appropriate publication.
  3. Any feedback provided to REPOSITIVE on its online Documentation, Platform and Services will be treated as non-confidential unless the individual or organisation providing the feedback states otherwise.
  4. All scientific data in the public domain will be made available on the Platform by a time and release mechanism consistent with the data type. We will respect any conditions agreed with the data owner with respect to privacy.
  5. While we will retain our commitment to our customers, we reserve the right to update these Terms of Use at any time. When alterations are inevitable, we will attempt to give reasonable notice of any changes by placing a notice on our website. If you do not agree to these changes, please do not continue to use our online services. We will also make available an archived copy of the previous Terms of Use for comparison.
  6. Any questions or comments concerning these Terms of Use can be addressed to: REPOSITIVE, Betjeman House, 104 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1LQ

Online Services

  1. Users of REPOSITIVE online Platform, Documentation and Services agree not to attempt to use any REPOSITIVE computers, files or networks apart from through the service interfaces provided.
  2. REPOSITIVE will make all reasonable effort to maintain continuity of these online services and provide adequate warning of any changes or discontinuities. However, REPOSITIVE accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any temporary or permanent discontinuity in service.
  3. Any attempt to use REPOSITIVE online services to a level that prevents, or looks likely to prevent, REPOSITIVE providing services to others, will result in the use being blocked.
  4. REPOSITIVE does not accept responsibility for the consequences of any breach of the confidentiality of REPOSITIVE site by third parties.


  1. REPOSITIVE has implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security which we deem appropriate, taking into account the categories of data we collect and the way we process it.
  2. For the purpose of monitoring and improving online services, planning and review, REPOSITIVE will keep its own records of customer usage and may use services provided by other organisations. REPOSITIVE may review information about the total volume of usage of particular software or data for the improvement of its own services. A summary of anonymised page views will be made available to the owner of the data by REPOSITIVE for the improvement of their services.
  3. In interacting with us through our website you may choose to give us personal data. We will keep your personal data confidential and use it for purposes connected to our mission. Examples of the personal data we may collect can be found at https://discover.repositive.io/policies/privacy.
  4. REPOSITIVE will hold your personal data on our systems for as long as is considered necessary for the purpose(s) for which you provided us with your details, or as long as is set out in (i) any relevant contract you hold with REPOSITIVE (ii) in any relevant data retention policy, or (iii) applicable legislation. If you cancel your user account in any of our databases or web portals we will ensure that your personal information in that database or web portal is either deleted or your information will no longer be visible to others.
  5. If you post or send offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on or to our websites or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on any of our services, we may use your personal information to stop such behaviour. Where we reasonably believe that you are or may be in breach of any applicable laws we may use your personal information to inform relevant third parties about the content and your behaviour.
  6. REPOSITIVE's websites uses cookies to record information about your online preferences that allow us to personalise your experience of the website. You can control your use of cookies from your web browser, but if you choose not to accept cookies from REPOSITIVE's websites, you will not be able to take full advantage of all of the website's features. For information on how to manage cookies in different web browsers and a full list of REPOSITIVE and 3rd party cookies, see https://discover.repositive.io/policies/cookie.

Service Support Policy


In order to provide optimal first level support service to all, queries must be received by email to pdx-help@repositive.io


The Repositive Support Desk will provide the following support, based on a first level problem determination where:

  1. All issues will be recorded;
  2. User will be notified of issue receipt;
  3. Issues will be resolved or assigned to the appropriate specialist;
  4. Issues will be monitored;
  5. Users will be notified of commitment times and any problems that occur in meeting the established commitment;
  6. Problem resolution will be documented and available in report status;


Services will be provided between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m (UK time)., Monday through Friday, except holidays. During this period the Support Desk will be staffed

Response Time

First level problem determination will be assigned using the following criteria:

  1. Number of customers affected
  2. Effect on business mission
  3. Context of problem
  4. Deadlines
  5. Estimated solution time
  6. Application involved
  7. Frequency of problem
  8. Customer's sense of priority
  9. Customer's commitment level
  10. Availability of workaround
  11. Threat to data integrity or computer security

The following system will be used internally to prioritize calls and to give a response time commitment:

Critical - Immediate response: System Down

Urgent - Response within 2 hours: Business outage or significant customer impact that threatens future productivity.

Essential - Response within 4 hours: High-impact problem where production is proceeding, but in a significantly impaired fashion; there is a time-sensitive issue important to long term productivity that is not causing an immediate work stoppage; or there is significant customer concern.

Important - Response within 2 days: Important issue that does not have significant current productivity impact.

Monitor - Response within 5 days: Issue requiring no further action beyond monitoring for follow-up, if needed.

Informational - Response within 10 days: Request for information only.


The Customer will assign an internal liaison who is the technical point of contact between the Customer and Repositive. The liaison will also assist Repositive in the maintaining of correct data base information. To facilitate this, the liaison will inform the Repositive of any changes of staff (i.e. replacements).