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We’re analysing and labelling human genomic data from sources big and small. So it’s easy to find, compare and share.

Illustration: Current drug discovery landscape is complex

Current drug discovery landscape is complex

There is a phenotypic approach to cancer, a growing acceptance of defining cancer by their molecular phenotype

Modern drug discovery is a data-driven process and relies heavily on precision medicine approaches

Translation from preclinical trials to the clinic is notoriously low with 95% failure in oncology drug discovery

A manual ad-hoc approach for search is not enough

Manual process is time-consuming
Lack of consistency across data sets
Difficult to search across CROs
Difficult to keep up to date
Complex data with complex queries
No online inventory for most CROs
Illustration: Current drug discovery landscape is complex

Team up with Repositive's expertise

Repositive is a human-centred organization where a team of mission-driven scientists, bioinformaticians, and developers meet to create a future of better treatments.

We will help you find the most suitable preclinical cancer model for your study.

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Illustration: Advantage of Using Repositive

Benefit from Repositive’s specialised expertise in seeking out specific models to match your needs

We have developed a worldwide partner network of CROs providing cancer models and services

Our partner CROs list their models in our standardised inventory on our cancer models platform

Advantages of using Repositive include:

Bioinformatic processing of molecular data
Growing model inventory with worldwide CROs
Cleaning and curating data across CROs
8000+ pre-clinical cancer models from 24 Partner CROs
Filter and search model characteristics
Enabling you to stay up to date with the latest models

Find the right preclinical cancer model and CRO partner for your next project

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